British Solidarity: Pub Delivers Keg of Beer to 90-Year-Old Regular After Coronavirus Shutdown

13th October 1963: A group of men from the Atlantic Island of Tristan da Cunha gather for a pint and a sing-song at the local before leaving England. (Photo by Reg Lancaster/Express/Getty Images)
Reg Lancaster/Express/Getty Images

A 90-year-old London man, who is self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak, was delivered a keg of his favourite beer by his local pub.

In a sign that British solidarity can’t be dimmed during a crisis, The Empress Pub in London delivered a keg of beer and a box of crisps to one of their elderly regulars. Cyril, the 90-year-old regular, was said to have been “over the moon” about the gesture of kindness.

“He comes to the pub every day and I just didn’t want him to miss out. The barrel of beer expires in two months and it’s not as if we will be open then,” Michael Buurman, the owner of the pub, told the BBC.

“I plan on going over to his — which we will rename Cyril’s Arms — to have a pint,” he said, adding that, of course, “he will be inside and I’ll be out on his doorstep.”

In a post on social media, the pub wrote: “Cyril is a regular. He’s 90. Cyril is not daft so he’s staying out the pub for a while. We took the pub to him. A barrel of Truman’s racked up in his yard. That and a box of crisps should keep him going for a week.”

Gestures of kindness have been one of the few bright spots in the battle against the coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville announced that he would be opening his hotels, free of charge, to health workers across the country to help in the fight against the virus. Neville also said that even though his hotels will be closed to the public, none of the staff will lose their jobs or go without pay.

“It is at this moment in time that the whole of our industry needs to show solidarity, not just for our staff in these uncertain times, but for the people who need the accommodation most in the coming months,” Neville said.

BrewDog, a Scotland based brewery company, also announced that it would start producing alcohol-based hand sanitiser to help make up for shortages of the vital product. The company said that it would be handing out its “punk sanitiser” for free to help those who are in need.

“We are determined to do everything we can to try and help as many people as possible stay safe,” the company said.

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