Harris-Quinney: If ‘Kill Whitey’ Now Passes for Comedy, the BBC Is in Real Trouble

Sophie Duker

I have watched Frankie Boyle since he started out as a TV comic, and sometimes found his stuff to be funny, if the opposite of my politics. In his younger days, he even became something of a free speech activist after he was removed from a panel show for being un-PC.

Personally, I agree with Ricky Gervais that there shouldn’t be anything you can’t joke about, and there shouldn’t be any words you can’t say. Context is key, and the great thing about comedy is no matter how many quotas you fill, something is either funny or it isn’t.

Boyle seems to have recently forgotten his past and assumed that his role is no longer to make people laugh, but to expose the evils of white men whilst gathering maximum quotas of BAME and female Marxist “comics” to force the public to accept them as the new wave of “comedy”, which evidently isn’t about being funny.

It’s something we’ve seen a lot of recently on the BBC, that now has a 50/50 rule for male to female comics. An unfunny but quota-ticking comedian will pop up, do the rounds with their joke about Trump being a wanker, then segue into a six-figure presenting role before anyone has a chance to question what they were doing on TV in the first place.

Boyle’s show now is just a roundtable of the type of people you’d find occupying the student union refectory of somewhere like the University of Westminster. There are no jokes, just infantile conspiratorial Marxist drivel where the poorly understood theories of similarly Marxist academics are ladled on to obscure blatant racism.

His latest show, New World Order, went even further than usual into the mire, and had the comedienne Sophie Duker come on to explain how terrible white people, white culture, and white economics are, before stating: “We don’t want to kill whitey — actually, we do, but not yet.”

This was delivered with all the comedy timing of a Matt Hancock coronavirus briefing. It was deadpan and serious. There was no discernable joke. The point was that white people are terrible, have had their time, and need to be replaced.

It wasn’t a parody, it wasn’t tongue in cheek, it was a racist incitement to violence at a time when exactly this type of violence is spreading across the West, destroying lives and livelihoods in its wake.

I shared a clip of this segment on social media yesterday, where I expected the usual back and forth of being accused of being racist and having critical race theory explained to me.

There was a bit of that, but overwhelmingly even the Twittersphere was disgusted that this is now what is passing for comedy in return for our licence fee. At time of writing, the clip of Miss Duker’s racist monologue has been viewed by well over 370,000 people, which may well be more than it got on its first airing on the actual television.

I have worked with pretty much every major media organisation in the West, and by far the most biased and dishonest in dealing with me as a conservative has been the BBC.

If I was in the U.S. I could just switch it off and refuse to appear on their programming, but what sticks in the craw most is that we in Britain are forced to fund it via the near-compulsory taxation of a “TV licence”. I am paying someone to pop up on TV to insult me, my way of life, and then advocate for my murder.

I have never received nor have I ever seen an apology from the BBC even when they have been exposed for the most outrageous instances of bias. Responding to complaints today over Miss Duker’s comments, a BBC spokesman has said: “Frankie Boyle’s New World Order was shown after 10 p.m. and its content is within audience expectations for a post-watershed, topical, satirical programme from a comedian whose style and tone are well-established.”

So according to the BBC, racism and inciting violence is fine if it is after 10 p.m. I look forward to the 10:30 p.m. edition of Cooking with Nick Griffin.

I’m very glad that I’ve been able to bring this issue to the attention of many BBC viewers who didn’t realise how bad it had gotten or what their BBC taxes were paying for.

We were told last week by the new BBC Director-General Tim Davies that he was going to immediately perform a “radical overhaul” or their programming to eradicate “perceived left-wing bias”.

Yet this week we are graced with “kill whitey” among a diatribe of Marxism.

What we also saw this week was the latest slew of BBC luvvie pay rises, and the news they had lost over 250,000 licence fee payers this year. It can hardly be surprising. If the hundreds of thousands of people who have watched the clip and their comments are anything to go by, they will be losing a lot more this year.

I encourage anyone who thinks the new chairman of the BBC is capable of reforming the cesspit of radical Marxism it has become to watch the clip, or better yet the whole episode of Frankie Boyle’s New World Order.

You won’t laugh, but you will be in no doubt that the licence fee needs to go and the whole BBC needs to go with it.

Ben Harris-Quinney is Chairman of the Bow Group

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