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Harris-Quinney: Scruton Was Hounded by Woke Mob and Fake Conservatives in His Final Months

Just as the virulently anti-Thatcher Conservative Party became momentarily “Thatcherite” when Baroness Thatcher passed away, establishment Conservative Party figures have been out in force eulogising Sir Roger Scruton upon his passing this week. Where were they less than a year ago when he was being fired from their government for holding “unacceptable views”?


Why I Fired Heseltine — And Why Conservatives Need To As Well

Michael Heseltine is the establishment’s oldest hitman, a liberal infiltrator and a traitor to the conservative movement. It’s time for conservatives to hit back hard. A quarter of a century ago Margaret Thatcher was betrayed by many of her closest

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How Should Conservatives Vote In the London Mayorals?: BREXIT

Last summer I was prepared to give Zac Goldsmith the benefit of the doubt, yes he had some questionable views about green crap and blanket opposition to airport expansion, and he could hardly be described as a conservative on social

London Mayorals

What Happens When the Global Market Crashes, Again?

Last month I watched the celebrated US economist Paul Krugman explain to 2000 people in Las Vegas why debt doesn’t matter. Despite being at a business focused libertarian conference he convinced a sizeable chunk of his audience, by a show


Rubio Needed a Barnstormer at FreedomFest to Rally His Troops… He Failed

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Marco Rubio addressed two thousand libertarian “Freedom Fest” delegates yesterday evening, to a buoyant reception. Unsurprisingly, in addressing a libertarian, business-focused conference, his speech focused on small government, low taxes and  cutting regulation. Recognising that the conference

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Address South Carolina Freedom Summit

The LGBT Lobby: Not The Same Thing as People Who Are Gay

I was railed against last week for being “homophobic” for suggesting last year at a Christian conference that the “LGBT lobby” had become an overly influential facet of British public life, independent from the reality of the wishes of desires of

Euro Pride London Europes largest gay an

Ireland’s Road to Serfdom

Two supposedly landmark political events have occurred on the island of Ireland this week. Both were greeted with an element of surprise and excitement and were hailed as great victories for the “progressive movement”, both were inevitable. The referendum in

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Why Has the Conservative Party Accepted MEP Amjad Bashir?

You might ask why the UK Independence Party ever had Amjad Bashir MEP as a member, but that ship has sailed. The real question now is why, given the serious allegations against him, the Conservative Party has accepted Bashir.

Nigel Farage UKIP leader walkabout in Knutsford, Britain - 24 Apr 2014

October was the Best Month for British Conservatism for 20 Years

The right is rarely a forum for self-congratulation, preferring wary scepticism or angry indolence, but last month was the best month for conservatives in Britain in a very long time, and through the haze of differing party loyalties on the

October was the Best Month for British Conservatism for 20 Years

After Last Night's Results, Tory Party Democracy Needs Urgent Reform

It is curious that of the three major parliamentary party leaders, the most pressure has thus far been on Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband who, despite their poor performance, nevertheless remain on steady course to form a “Progressive Coalition” in

After Last Night's Results, Tory Party Democracy Needs Urgent Reform

Crackdowns on Tax Avoidance Implies Taxation is Moral. It is Not.

One of the biggest consistent drivers for people to vote Conservative is that it has always been the anti-taxation party, believing by core ideology that tax is a vexatious barrier to prosperity, or at best a necessary evil that should

Crackdowns on Tax Avoidance Implies Taxation is Moral. It is Not.

British Conservative Party Dazed and Confused by UKIP

The Conservative Party sits dazed, confused and undecided, at a crossroads. Despite pulling the decimated British economy from the ashes, the Party is on course to come third in the European Elections this month. In the last ten years it

British Conservative Party Dazed and Confused by UKIP