Man Jailed for Running Over 5-year-old, Slashing 10-year-old’s Neck, Stabbing Old Man and Young Mother

Leicestershire Police

A 33-year-old man received a “life” sentence for a string of gruesome attacks which saw him run over a five-year-old, slash the throat of a 10-year-old boy, and stab a mother walking with her children and a man in his seventies in the head.

Carlos Racitalal was convicted of four counts of attempted murder for his attacks, perpetrated on four separate occasions, at Leicestershire Crown Court, along with three counts of possession of a bladed article, according to an official Leicestershire Police news bulletin.

“The level of violence used is deeply disturbing and is one of the most shocking cases I have overseen for some time,” said  Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor Andrew Baxter of Racitalal’s attacks.

“Each one of these victims has been through a terrifying ordeal and it is down to fortune and the intervention of others nearby that all of them survived,” he noted.

Sentencing judge Mr Justice Linden remarked that Racitalal was “one of the more frightening types of offender from the point of view of the public in that they have no inkling of what is about to happen and therefore no opportunity to take evasive action,” describing how he “went out and identified vulnerable members of the public to attack… without any reason, still less provocation.”

Racitalal received four so-called “life” sentences but three are essentially meaningless, as they are to be served concurrently, and he will be eligible for release after 22 years — meaning it is quite possible he will not serve anything like the rest of his life in prison, and the Parole Board could release him onto the streets again while he is only in his fifties.

The police bulletin avoids mentioning Racitalal’s nationality, although some local news reports note that he required an interpreter in court.

“This was an extremely complex investigation with very distressing circumstances,” commented

“Racitalal is an extremely dangerous man who had no concern, regard or remorse for any of his victims, who ranged from young children to an elderly man. Racitalal carried out his attacks with weapons including knives and a car, before then running away or driving off from the scene.

“The dedication and commitment of officers and staff both in the investigative team and across force led to these incidents being linked. The team then worked tirelessly around the clock determined to gather the evidence and find the person responsible.

“My thoughts and thanks are with the victims of these attacks, for their bravery, patience and co-operation during an extremely traumatic time. I hope this court result helps in some small way as they continue to move forward in their lives. “

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