Black Lives Matter Protester Who Spat in Cop’s Face Walks Free Because She Apologised

Demonstrators carry placards with slogans as they march near the US Embassy in London on May 31, 2020 to protest the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes during an arrest in Minneapolis, USA. - …

A Black Lives Matter protester who spat in the face of a police officer in London was set free by Westminster Magistrates’ court because she “apologised”.

Halina Kaszycka-Williams, 31, pleaded guilty to spitting in the face of PC Sam Franks during a Black Lives Matter march on May 31st in Notting Hill. She was also found to be in possession of cocaine at the time.

The BLM radical avoided prison for the assault on the officer during the height of the first wave of the Chinese coronavirus. Kaszycka-Williams only received a conditional discharge and a fine for the cocaine possession, according to Court News UK.

Announcing his decision, Magistrate Andrew Hammond told the defendant: “I hope you recognise we are treating you more leniently than even your own advocate suggested.”

“We note your apology… and the community work we have been told you do,” Hammond said.

“Because of that mitigation… we think it is just in this instance acceptable for you to be dealt with by way of a conditional discharge by way of the offence of beating an emergency worker.”

A written statement from the Black Lives Matter protester — who appeared in court dressed in all black — apparently attempted to curry favour with the court by outlining the supposed systemic racism she has experienced.

“I have witnessed the effects of systemic racism my entire life,” she said, adding: “As a black woman, witnessing the death of so many other black people was a deeply traumatic time for me. There were years of anger and hurt and disrespect I had not reacted to until that day.”

“With the stress of the perpetual news cycle on Covid-19 and mass protests…. my mental health was already at breaking point,” she explained, saying: “I would like to apologise.”

The lawyer representing Ms Kaszycka-Williams, Danielle Manson, claimed that her client was not symptomatic for the Chinese virus during the altercation and that the BLM protester merely meant to “spit on PC Frank’s back” rather than on his face.

“It was her intention to humiliate the officer almost akin to sticking a sign on his back – something others can see but not him,” Manson said.

The protest on May 31st, at which Kaszycka-Williams was arrested, was one of the first major BLM rallies in London following the death of George Floyd in America, with thousands of protesters gathering in the British capital, in clear defiance of the lockdown restrictions.

In a Breitbart London exclusive video from the protest, one activist was seen screaming in Trafalgar Square: “We need to burn this shit down. I don’t care what the London mayor says. The West is falling! The West is falling!”

Before continuing onto Notting Hill, the leftist march gathered outside Downing Street where they chanted “fuck Boris” and “fuck the police”.

Later, the demonstration gathered outside the U.S. embassy, where left-wing activists scrawled “MET POLICE SERVE TRUMP” in graffiti on the walls surrounding the building.

Only 23 people, including Kaszycka-Williams, were arrested at the mass gathering. She was granted a 12-month conditional discharge and was fined £565 for possession of a class A drug.

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