Farage: We Will be Told a Brexit-in-Name-Only Is a ‘Fantastic Victory’

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - JANUARY 29: Brexit Party leader and member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage speaks to the media as he departs following a historic vote for the Brexit agreement at a session of the European Parliament that paves the way for an "orderly" departure of the United Kingdom …
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Brexit leader turned journalist Nigel Farage has warned the signs in the dying days of Brexit negotiations are pointing to bad news for those who believe that Britain would be better off outside the European Union.

Speaking in the inaugural webcast of his new talk series Nigel Farage Live, Mr Farage said the present negotiations had descended to the level of pretence and that ultimately, the conclusion was probably foregone. At this stage, the talks continuing were merely to convince the British people an effort was being made on their behalf, he said.

Mr Farage said in his opening monologue: “This is all, in my view, an act. This is a giant charade. It’s to make us think that they are really, really fighting hard to get us a good deal.”

Brexit negotiations to this point have been defined by certain key characteristics — among them repeated ignored deadlines, cast off as soon as they became inconvenient for one party or another, and radically different negotiating intentions by both sides. These positions by London and Brussels have been likened by Brussels insiders as resembling a Venn diagram. Wherever the circles overlap, a deal could be struck — but the circles have never been publicly seen to have touched.

The latest deadline to come and go was Sunday evening, which had in common with all previous deadlines the fact that both sides were able to agree on at least one thing: that talks should continue even longer.

That yet another deadline had sped past so close to the hard stop of negotiations — December 31st when the so-called transition period ends — was a negative sign, Mr Farage said in his show. He said: “If we were going to leave on Australia terms, WTO terms, if we were going to leave with what they call no deal, yesterday [Sunday] was the day it would have happened.”

A deal would emerge in the coming days, Mr Farage said, and it would be sold to the public as a victory for Britain. But this would be a betrayal of the principles of Brexit, he said, a deal reached by British compromise.

The Brexit leader remarked: “I absolutely predict, that over the course of the next few days that there will be a deal, and we’ll be told ‘it’s a fantastic victory’, as we always are. When John Major came back from Maastricht it was game, set, and match.

“And yet, I think we’re going to get a Brexit that is beginning to look a little bit like Brexit in name only. I hope I’m wrong, but I think this is where it is going to go.”


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