Watch: ‘The Beginning of Fascism’ — London Mayoral Candidate Questioned by Police for Speaking with Reporters

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

London Assembly Member David Kurten was questioned by police while giving an interview to Breitbart News, in which he characterised Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s response to the coronavirus as fascistic.

During an anti-lockdown protest on Saturday, London mayoral candidate David Kurten told Breitbart London that “riot” police came in to bust up a group of people surrounding him for supposedly breaching the city’s lockdown rules.

Mr Kurten warned that the increasingly draconian lockdown restrictions on assembly and speech are a warning that the United Kingdom is heading towards fascism.

During the interview, Mr Kurten was approached by members of the London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for a second time within ten minutes. In the video, the officers are seen inquiring about his name and his details and informed him that he had not done anything wrong “at this point”.

“I’ve been asked my name as though I’m a criminal,” Kurten said, adding: “This is the beginning of fascism.”

The London Assembly Member claimed that the British government is “controlling everything, it is taking away our liberties. It is saying to us, ‘we’ll let you do certain things’, but if you express certain opinions on the street” then the government shuts you down.

Kurten also explained that the nominally Conservative government is telling businesses to close “unless you are approved by government, and that’s what fascism is. The government doesn’t own everything, but it controls everything, and it says what businesses can operate and what businesses cannot operate.”

“Fascism is very close to communism. They are both left-wing ideologies. They are both socialist ideologies… they are both totalitarian and what we have coming in this country is totalitarianism,” Kurten warned.

In January of this year, Mr Kurten announced that he would be leaving the right-wing populist party UKIP in order to stand for mayor as an independent, launching the Heritage Party.

The 2021 London mayoral election will be held on 6 May 2021, after it was postponed in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, effectively extending the term of left-wing Labour Party Mayor Sadiq Khan by one year.

Kurten, a former teacher and one-time party education spokesman, said that his mayoral bid will seek to end “politically correct policing” in order to reduce crime in the British capital. He has also called for a return to traditional family values, as well as reducing migration to the UK.

The London Assembly Member has also long been at odds with the Conservative government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the issue of coronavirus lockdowns.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Mr Kurten said: “It’s not a Conservative government, it’s conservative in name only. They should be taken to the trade’s description tribunal.

“They are not conservative. They are destroying liberty. They are not financially responsible. They are not looking after family values and so on.”

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