Delingpole: From Belgium and Germany to Finland, the Coronafascism Backlash Grows


A Brussels court has ordered the Belgian government to lift “all coronavirus measures” within 30 days after finding they were instituted on an insufficient legal basis. The court order is part of a growing legal backlash across Europe to the draconian emergency restrictions introduced by governments to counter the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

The Belgian case was brought by the League for Human Rights, which challenged the Belgium government’s use of a Ministerial Decree to impose the measures without any input from parliament.

According to the Brussels Times:

The judge gave the Belgian State 30 days to provide a sound legal basis, or face a penalty of €5,000 per day that this period is exceeded, with a maximum limit of €200,000, reports Le Soir.

The current coronavirus measures are based on the Civil Safety Act of 2007, which enable the State to react quickly in “exceptional circumstances,” but the judge has now ruled that these laws cannot serve as a basis for the Ministerial Decrees.

Meanwhile, in Finland, an attempt by the government to ramp up its lockdown policies has also been overruled. Prime Minister Sanna Marin had proposed a “partial lockdown of areas with high coronavirus infection levels”. But the Parliamentary Constitutional Law Committee ruled that banning movement was “completely disproportional”.

According to public broadcaster Yle, the committee, which was chaired by former Prime Minister Antti Rinne, said the proposal went against “the meaning of the Constitution.”

“Prohibitions and restrictions must be directed precisely at the sources of infection: private gatherings and events, staying and moving around in groups and visiting shops and services – restrictions specifically related to these, rather than prohibitions,” said Rinne.

Perhaps the most concerted resistance to coronavirus measures is being led by German-American lawyer Dr Reiner Füllmich, whose Corona Committee has been hearing testimony from “nearly 100 respected, world-wide recognized scientists, physicians, lawyers, economists, psychologists, psychiatrists and others” in preparation for a major class action against the medical and political Establishment.

Füllmich’s latest speech, at a demo at Kassel in Germany on 20th March, has been translated into English here. It gives an idea of the scope of his forthcoming action and of the growing levels of outrage in Germany, which has seen some of the largest demonstrations against government policy.

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