Laurence Fox MP? Reclaim Leader Vows to Take Fight Against Woke Agenda Nationwide

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 29: Lawrence Fox, Reclaim party Mayor of London candidate, is se
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Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox said that while Sadiq Khan “may have won in the cathedral of wokery” in the London mayoral elections, he plans to take the fight for traditional British values to the country at large, including a possible run for Parliament.

Laurence Fox, who launched the Reclaim Party in September of last year, won 47,634 votes in his campaign for the London mayoralty, representing 1.9 per cent of the vote share.

In a statement provided to Breitbart London, Fox said: “This is a most encouraging result for myself and my Reclaim Party. From a standing start, in a few short weeks, we have won the support of many thousands of Londoners. They, like me, want lockdown lifted now and want an end to the virtue-signalling, wokish gesture politics of our self-regarding Mayor.

“But Reclaim does not stop here. This campaign, in which I have met thousands of sensible, patriotic Brits who want their country back, will now be fanning out into the nation at large.

“Sadiq Khan may have won in the cathedral of wokery here in London, but his Labour Party is falling apart as those same patriotic Brits elsewhere in Britain turn their backs on a Labour elite obsessed with foolish fads like identity politics.”

Mr Fox has so far secured the backing of Reform UK (formerly the Brexit Party) leader Richard Tice, as well as Nigel Farage. He also has deep pockets, with former Tory and Vote Leave donor Jeremy Hosking throwing £5 million into Reclaim’s campaign coffers.

Aside from establishing an election pact, Laurence Fox and Richard Tice have also announced that they will be opening up a pub in London — aptly entitled the Fox & Tice — in order to establish a “home for free speech” in the British capital.

Ahead of the election, Laurence Fox said that a run for the House of Commons could be in the offing, telling the Express on Tuesday that he was “100 per cent” intent on running for Parliament.

“The London Mayoral, just because it exists, we had to stand for it,” he explained, but said that Reclaim intends on recruiting candidates to stand for a host of elections in the coming years.

Fox has already joined forces with Scottish comedian Leo Kearse, who ran against Humza Yousaf, the driving force behind the draconian Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill of the left-separatist Scottish National Party (SNP), which seeks to impose harsher limitations on freedom of speech in Scotland.

Fox said following the election: “I will be battling to restore our historic freedoms – chief of which is the right to speak your mind without fear or favour. The modern version of the witch-hunt, complete with cancel culture and the loss of your career and reputation, must be brought to an end.

“My party, the Reclaim Party, will take this fight to the country. We offer a practical, common-sense home to former Labour voters in despair at the woke takeover of their party and all those who want to defend and restore traditional British values.”

Speaking to Breitbart London, political commentator Calvin Robinson, who has been advising the Reclaim Party, said that it is “a long term project.”

“London was fun but it’s a very different demographic to the rest of the country. The silent majority still needs people to stand up and speak common sense to nonsense. I suspect Laurence Fox and his Reclaim party will continue marching on!”

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