Richard Tice


U-Turn: City of London Backs Brexit, Embraces International Opportunites

TheCityUK, which represents Britain’s financial sector, warned Brexit would be a disaster before the country’s referendum on membership of the European Union (EU). Seven months after the vote, the lobby group has made a spectacular u-turn, declaring it is “a strong believer in the potential opportunities that the UK’s departure from the European Union will offer”.


Bank of England Backtracks: EU, Not UK, Has Most to Lose from Brexit

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has told MPs that leaving the European Union (EU) is not the biggest threat to financial stability in Britain, and that Brexit actually poses a bigger risk to the continent than it does to the UK.

EU deal

EU Deal Draft ‘Even Bigger Embarrassment Than Expected’

The European Union (EU) has delivered its draft plan for a renegotiated settlement between Brussels and the UK, and it is an even bigger embarrassment than most people expected. We thought that the Prime Minister was lowering expectations so he