WATCH: Farage Travels to U.S. Border to Expose Illegal Immigration ‘Emergency’

Brexit leader Nigel Farage said that the illegal immigration crisis at the United States’ southern border has turned into a “real emergency” that could spell political disaster for the Democrats following a trip to the Mexican frontier in Arizona.

Mr Farage, who following the successful Brexit campaign has worked to uncover the growing boat migrant crisis in the English Channel, said: “What I’m looking at here, in particular, are those that don’t get caught, those that finish up directly going into the drug trade and other criminal actions.

“I’ve covered this issue before back in the United Kingdom; I’ve covered the boats coming into the United Kingdom, the lack of coverage from mainstream media.”

He said that the left’s call for open borders was one of the main reasons for the success of Brexit and the downfall of the left-wing Labour Party in Britain.

“I have a real feeling here that with the midterm elections coming up in America, this issue of what’s going on at the border may well be the thing that brings the Republicans back and gives them majorities in both of the houses and perhaps even the presidency in 2024,” Farage said.

“Those in London and Washington underestimate just how important mass immigration into a country is,” he added, warning that the sentiment against illegal immigration in American is “about really to bite”.

Mr Farage travelled to the border with Sheriff Mark Lamb, of Pinal County Arizona, who showed the Brexit leader the tactics of the migrants and coyotes who smuggle them into America through Mexico.

Sherrif Lamb said that the migrants are typically clad in camouflage clothing and wearing carpet shoes, which are quieter and don’t leave behind tracks. He said that they usually bring with them a light supply bag containing toilet paper, penicillin, water, and Vicks VapoRub.

He told Farage that since drug runners have largely switched to smuggling synthetic drugs across the border, it is no longer the case that every migrant carries loads of drugs, but rather one or two “seasoned, trustworthy guys will carry loads of methamphetamines and fentanyl.”

Sherrif Lamb continued by saying that the drug mules will often sip on a concoction of water, meth, and heroin to keep them going on the arduous journey across the desert, saying: “We chased a guy in the helicopter for five miles before we finally let him go and he was running full-on sprint through this desert,” explaining that the drug concoction “gives them the energy”.

He said that it was previously easier to spot the seasoned drug runners because of calluses on their backs from carrying loads of marijuana, but nowadays they are carrying light loads of synthetics, making it easier for coyotes to blend in with migrants.

A local woman told the Brexit leader that her son, who was a sergeant in Mesa, Arizona, lost his life after an illegal migrant slammed head-on into her son at over 100 miles per hour. She said that the illegal immigrant — a repeat criminal offender — was high on meth when he killed her son.

She said that the situation on the southern border under Joe Biden is “sickening”, saying: “There are too many families and too many children that are going to be affected by illegal crime in our country.

“They voted for the wrong people and they fight and go to rallies and talk about we need open borders, love everybody in the world, but they’re not really understanding what they’re fighting with.”

Rev. C. L. Bryant told Mr Farage that people in America need to “wake up to the invasion that’s going on here.”

“You’ve seen it in your own country,” Reverend Bryant said to Mr Farage, adding: “So Americans, stand up, wake up, push back against the overtaking of our nation; those who came before us, they didn’t pay the price that they did for this for us to give it away, so let’s not do it.”

The Brexiteer said that what he witnessed is not “people fleeing danger for refugee status” but rather a “criminal enterprise from start to finish.”

“I don’t think the Democrats are going to know what’s hit them once people realize the truth,” he said.

Moving on to expose a path which leads to a pickup point for trucks to pick up migrants on the interstate highway, Mr Farage said: “This was the issue that got Brexit, this was the issue that crashed the Labour Party, this is the issue if the Republicans get the right message” the voter base for the Democrats could “collapse in the midterm elections.”

“This is a massive issue and this is not a crisis now, this is now a real emergency,” Farage concluded.

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