Swedish Prosecutor Seeks Life for Stabbing Spree Migrant

Police have cordoned off the scene where a man attacked eight people with a "sharp weapon," seriously injuring two, in the Swedish city of Vetlanda on March 3, 2021. - The assailant was taken to hospital after being shot in the leg by police when he was taken into custody, …
MIKAEL FRITZON/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images

Swedish prosecutors have demanded life in prison for the Afghan migrant who injured seven people during a stabbing spree in Vetlanda.

The trial for the 22-year-old Afghan national resumed this week in a Swedish district court. Prosecutors demand that the migrant be sentenced to ‘life‘ in prison and then deported from Sweden.

The lawyers representing the 22-year-old have argued that he should not be sentenced to a prison term of more than 16 years, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

The sentencing demands come just a week after medical examiners determined that the migrant did not suffer any type of mental break during the March attack and, as a result, was responsible for his own actions and liable to a prison sentence rather than psychiatric care.

The Afghan previously testified before the court that he admitted to having stabbed several people but claimed not to remember the entire incident.

Last month it was revealed that the migrant had interacted with a person at the town’s train station before the attack who had angered him by claiming God did not exist.

With the aid of an interpreter, the Afghan told the court: “A person I didn’t know said God doesn’t exist.”

Adding: “This person made me angry.”

The 22-year-old said the comments had enraged him so much that he had gone home to pick up a kitchen knife with the intent of attacking him and then ending his own life. Instead, he stabbed seven people, none of whom was the atheist in question.

It also emerged that the Afghan had tried to claim asylum in Norway before applying for asylum in Sweden a year later, allegedly giving different ages on his applications in both countries.

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