Delingpole: Boris Plays Climate Fiddle While South Africa Burns


Rioting, looting and violence have swept two South African provinces, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Dozens of people have been killed, vital infrastructure has been destroyed and the damage runs into the billions. But it’s OK: the Imperial mother country has got South Africa’s back. Behold the latest initiative from the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office!

No, really. While South Africa burns, Boris Johnson’s administration is saying: “Let them eat wind turbines!”

All the British government can think about is relentlessly pushing the “sustainability” agenda (which nobody wants except the Prime Minister’s wife Carrie Symonds, her foetid posse of hair shirt eco loons, and the cabal of globalist billionaires pushing for the Great Reset).

Which is a disgusting and tone-deaf response, obviously, to South Africa’s plight. But it’s not so surprising once you understand that the real purpose of initiatives like the ‘Green & Resilient Cities’ is not to make countries prosperous, independent, and free, but rather to subsume them all within the constraints of the coming New World Order.

Sure, ostensibly, these riots are about Jacob Zuma, the monstrously corrupt despot who was president of South Africa from 2009 to 2018. Zuma has been jailed for contempt of court so his supporters are using it as an excuse to pop down to the nearest mall, what’s left of it, and grab themselves a new TV.

But if you believe that is the real reason, then presumably you also believe that the reason that they are rioting in Cuba is because they’re upset that there aren’t enough Covid vaccines.

What’s actually happening now in South Africa is the culmination of trends that have been going on for decades: tribalism, corruption, kleptocracy, the scapegoating (and vicious murders of) racial minorities, especially the white farmers.

Instead of combatting these evils, the globalist elite has been ramping them up with its “sustainability” agenda and, in the last 18 months, the uber authoritarian response it has engineered for the Covid panic.

What developing countries like South Africa want and need is liberty, prosperity and the rule of law. What they get from sustainability programmes like ‘Green and Resilient Cities’ is constraints on the kind of energy they can use (expensive renewables rather than cheap abundant fossil fuels) and all manner of politically correct impositions known collectively as The Global Goals.

These, inevitably, increase the poverty which fuels the resentment that continues the cycle of violence.

There are 17 of these goals in all, each with its own colour. That colour wheel badge you see being worn by world leaders and by weird, sinister globalists like the World Economic Forum’s Klaus ‘Anal’ Schwab: that’s the sign that they are all on board with this programme and that whether you peasants like it or not it’s going to happen.

The violence in South Africa and, most especially, the destruction of infrastructure and the devastation of the food supply are not anomalous events. They are a foretaste of what we can expect all around the world in the coming months. It’s part of the globalist plan: the chaos is designed to provoke public demand for an authoritarian crackdown and bigger government. Under the Great Reset this is precisely what we’re all going to get.

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