Italian Prime Minister Suggests Mandatory Vaccinations for Incoming Illegals

Migrants line up after disembarking on the southern Italian Pelagie Island of Lampedusa on

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi is reportedly considering a mandatory vaccination programme for incoming illegal migrants after hinting at a vaccine mandate for all Italians earlier this week.

Vaccinations have already been arranged for Afghans evacuated to Italy, while some other have reportedly already taken at least one dose of the Russian-made Sputnik vaccine.

According to a report from the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Prime Minister Draghi is also looking to extend the vaccine mandate to those arriving in the country illegally by sea, regardless of whether the migrants are accepted for residency in Italy.

Previously, vaccine rollouts were conducted by each Italian region, but the national government has decide to implement a nationwide plan headed by the Ministry of the Interior.

The Interior Ministry will also coordinate the vaccination of migrants in existing migrant reception centres across the country.

Prime Minister Draghi praised Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese for her work on migration, saying: “the problem of immigration is very difficult, I have not found someone who had a magic wand. This year’s numbers are not frightening, we have had much worse years than this. So I believe that the minister does her duty and does it well.”

Illegal migration numbers have increased 128 per cent over the last year, however, and have increased 673 per cent since Ms Lamorgese took over the position of Interior Minister from populist League (Lega) leader Matteo Salvini in 2019.

Senator Salvini has also commented on the proposal for mandatory vaccines more generally, saying he disagrees with the policy and his party will oppose it in the Italian parliament. He has said the League is “against obligations, fines and discrimination.”

Enrico Letta, the leader of the left-wing Democratic Party (PD), attacked Salvini for remaining part of the grand government coalition while opposing Prime Minister Draghi.

“You cannot stand with the words of Draghi today and at the same time vote against the Green Pass [coronavirus pass] in Parliament. The two things are incompatible,” he asserted.

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