Insulate Britain Threaten to ‘Unleash Hell’ if Boris Johnson Fails to Meet Green Demands

A climate activist from the group Insulate Britain is arrested and carried away by police during a demonstration in which they blocked a round about calling for the UK government to fund the insulation of Britain's homes in central London on October 8, 2021. - Climate activist group Insulate Britain …

The radical eco-extremist group Insulate Britain is reportedly planning to blackmail Prime Minister Boris Johnson with threats of unleashing “Hell” if the government fails to meet the group’s climate demands.

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) splinter group is said to be planning another wave of sit-down motorway blockades on Wednesday, with the aim of causing as much disruption and embarrassment as possible.

Insulate Britain is allegedly aiming to have at least 120 of their far-left eco-warrior members arrested during the upcoming United Nations COP26 climate change summit, with the express purpose of shaming Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the world stage, according to the Mail on Sunday.

A reporter from the paper claimed to have infiltrated a meeting of the far-left group at St Pancras Church Hall in Central London.

Insulate Britain leader and Extinction Rebellion activist David McKenny said: “There’s going to be an action on Wednesday and then there’s going to be a press release that goes out that says the Government and police are traitors, absolute traitors.”

McKenny went on to describe their plan to extort the government with further motorway blockades if it fails to acquiesce to their demand of insulating all social housing and to completely “decarbonise” the British economy.

“You have got ten days to make a meaningful statement on it. If not, we are going to come back and unleash Hell,” the green activist warned.

The massively disruptive protests have seen activists glue themselves to roads and motorways throughout the United Kingdom, resulting in serious injury for some who were delayed in receiving medical care due to the traffic shutdown.

Insulate Britain’s spokesman Liam Norton has attempted to defend the harm caused to ordinary citizens by comparing the issue to Second World War-era collateral deaths.

The government has attempted to use court injunctions to prevent the eco-activists from blocking motorways, however the group has successfully skirted the rulings by using a rotating cast of characters not named in the injunction, resulting in more protests on other major routes and junctions across the country.

In response to the latest purported plot, Brexit leader Nigel Farage reiterated his opinion that Insulate Britain is “behaving like a terrorist group.”

Earlier this week, Mr Farage said of the far-left activists: “It isn’t just eco-alarmism. I rather changed my mind yesterday. When I saw the founder of Extinction Rebellion saying that he would stop an ambulance with a flashing light going to hospital, I now think these people have moved into the realms of being terrorists.”

The disruptions resulted in growing opposition and anger towards the green group, with some drivers forcefully confronting the groups to clear the way for ambulances to get through.

During the meeting on Saturday, the activists said that they must “face aggression or violence with compassion” and everyone was required to sign a pledge not to “press charges on any member of the public who may assault any one of us.”

Leader David McKenny, who drew national attention for doorstepping famed environmentalist David Attenborough for not doing enough for the cause, said that the aggression and anger expressed towards activists was merely people’s “inner child” expressing itself.

Activists reportedly toughened their resolve by closing their eyes and imagining the “sound of gulls crying over the sea, the sight of mountains rising, colours of sunrise, scents of pine, the excitement of new ideas, the melody of a half-forgotten song.”

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