Delingpole: RIP Sir David Amess MP, One of the Good Guys

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

What makes the murder of Sir David Amess MP even more horrible, depressing, and cruel is that he was definitely one of the good guys.

For months now, like a lot of us, I have been lamenting the terrible quality of our elected parliamentary representatives. Amess, though, was definitely one of the exceptions: he wasn’t a greasy pole-climber (he remained resolutely on the back benches) and he had principles which many of us share.

I’m indebted to LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz, just about the last decent journalist left in mainstream journalism, for reminding us of this. Nawaz has especial reason to be grateful to Amess, who stood up for him when he was imprisoned in Egypt during his days as an Islamic radical. Amess almost certainly had no truck with Nawaz’s politics in those days but that didn’t stop him doing what he believed to be the right and moral thing as Nawaz’s constituency MP.

It would be an even bigger tragic waste of the life of a devout Catholic and loving family man (who only a few weeks ago had proudly married off another of his beautiful daughters) if he were reduced to the status of generic politician victim of an alleged terrorist attack.

And it would be dispiriting indeed if our canting, bandwagon-jumping, corrupt, and authoritarian political elite, with whose views he had no truck in life, should be allowed to claim him as one of theirs in death. Or, worse, to exploit his death for their own nefarious purposes.

Here, again courtesy of Naawaz, are more details about what Amess stood for.

RIP Sir David. Your principles will be vindicated in the end.

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