Five Most Dangerous Cities in Italy All Governed By Leftists

Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano, Italy, one of the largest churches in the world on sunrise
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The top five most dangerous cities in Italy are governed by left-wing parties while the safest are governed by right-leaning parties, research suggests.

The study, which looks at the number of criminal complaints from 2020, revealed that the city of Milan is by far the worst, with 159,613 individual criminal complaints being lodged last year.

Milan is followed by Bologna, with 47,192 complaints, and then by the cities of Rimini, Prato, and Florence.

All five cities are governed by left-wing parties, with a report from the newspaper Il Giornale noting that Bologna has been a left-wing stronghold since the end of the Second World War.

Meanwhile, Il Giornale notes that the safest cities on the list, such as Oristano in Sardinia, are all governed by right-leaning parties.

Silvia Sardone, a member of the European Parliament for Matteo Salvini’s populist League party (La Lega) and also a native of Milan, commented on the results of the study, saying sarcastically: “Just for a change, also with regard to the first half of 2021, Milan is confirmed as the capital of crime in Italy. We know that for the left, security is a nuisance.”

Ms Sardone has previously spoken out about crime in Milan, particularly among the population of illegal immigrants living in the city. In March of this year, she highlighted a former school that had been turned into an illegal squat by illegal immigrants and noted that it had become a den of drug dealing and crime.

“Unfortunately, these are the results of [the Italian Democratic Party’s] unrestrained reception policies: undocumented stragglers, ghosts in the Italian State, who commit repeated crimes while institutions remain silent,” Sardone said.

The phenomenon of dangerous cities being governed largely by left-wing parties is not unique to Italy. In 2020, a New York Times report revealed that 18 of the 20 most dangerous cities in the United States for homicides were run by Democrats.

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