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Milan Overrun by ‘Invasion’ Of Thousands Of Immigrants

As other migratory routes north have closed, migrants have converged on the Italian city of Milan, in what Italian press are describing as an “invasion” of thousands of migrants and fear of thousands more.


Muslims Rally in Rome Against the ‘Cancer’ of Islamic State

In a public manifestation in Rome on Saturday, several hundred Muslims came from all over Italy to protest the actions of the Islamic State, calling it a “cancer” and insisting that it did not represent the position of Islam.


FBI Tips Italy To Potential Targets In Rome, Milan

ROME — The State Department is warning that St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Milan’s cathedral and La Scala opera house, as well as “general venues” like churches, synagogues, restaurants, theaters and hotels have been identified as “potential targets” in those

potential targets

Living Conditions Spark Protest By Asylum Seekers

As tensions rose after journalists were turned away from a Red Cross refugee centre on the outskirts of Milan, about 100 asylum seekers took to the streets to protest over poor living conditions and bureaucratic delay. Although The Local reports yesterday

asylum seekers

Italy’s Immigration Crisis Reaches Boiling Point

The immigration crisis affecting Italy reached boiling-point yesterday. A build-up of asylum-seekers at major train stations in both Rome and Milan led to clashes with police and calls from angry politicians demanding EU assistance. AFP reports that over the course of the week

A volunteer talks to a group of migrants as police officers stand in front of the door of a train bound for Munich at the Bolzano railway station