Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Said Climate Change Will See ‘Your Mother, Sister, and Girlfriend’ Gang-Raped

woman with sexual harassment
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Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam warned that climate change would end in men’s female relatives being gang-raped in front of them in a 2019 pamphlet, it has been revealed.

The eco-extremist, while serving a very short prison sentence for a plot to disrupt air travel using drones, wrote a booklet warning the reader that climate change would result in a situation where “a gang of boys will break into your house demanding food”, after which they “will see your mother, your sister, your girlfriend and they will gang rape her on the kitchen table,” according to a Telegraph report.

“They will force you to watch, laughing at you. At the end they will accuse you of enjoying it,” Hallam fantasised in the depraved tract, which reads more like cuckold fetish erotica than a political pamphlet advancing a serious policy agenda.

No stranger to dangerous and often unlawful direct action and demonstrations, Extinction Rebellion decided that its co-founder was too extreme even for them in 2020, after comments minimising the Holocaust created a stir in first the German and then the British press.

Hallam said that the genocide was “just another fuckery in human history” and that “the climate crisis” should evoke the same “terrible emotion” as Auschwitz.

He also gave a speech that appeared to hint at deadly action as a means of achieving change on climate policy, warning that Extinction Rebellion activists “are not just sending out emails and asking for donations. We are going to force the governments to act, and if they don’t, we’ll bring them down and create a democracy fit for purpose. And yes — some may die in the process.”

Extinction Rebellion Germany moved to create space between itself and Hallam before its British counterpart, insisting that it “distances itself from Roger Hallam’s belittling and relativising remarks on the Holocaust” and that he was “not a spokesman for XR Germany”.

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