Illegal Migrant Who Sexually Assaulted Women on English Beach Jailed

Beach in Bournemouth
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An illegal migrant who sexually assaulted two women in separate attacks on a packed British beach has been jailed.

Kuku Machhal, 31, who sexually assaulted two women swimming at Bournemouth beach 0n the 23rd of July 2021, has been sentenced to 18 months at Portsmouth Crown Court — although criminals in Britain do not usually serve their full terms behind bars before being released on licence.

Machhal, an illegal migrant from India, admitted to groping both women while they were swimming at a packed beach.

The court was told that Machhal, who had been staying in Southall, west London, pounced on the women — who were trying to enjoy a day at the beach — while his friends cheered him on.

Both women reported the sexually motivated attacks to authorities and the beach’s security staff located and held the illegal immigrant until the police arrested him.

Macchal, who arrived illegally in Britain in 2015, initially attempted to deny the attacks in court, claiming that a strong current inadvertently made him brush against the first woman, and outright denied assaulting the second woman.

In a later hearing he changed his mind, pleading guilty to both counts of sexual assault.

The predator, who has a wife and two children in India, is now facing deportation. Lesley Manley, defending Macchal, said that it was not safe for Macchal to return to India due to him owing money to the criminals who initially trafficked him into Britain, the Daily Mail reports.

Manley also attempted to argue that Macchal was sorry for his actions and the crimes were not premeditated.

Judge David Melville dismissed Macchal’s apology pointing to his initial denial as proof that he had not accepted any “personal responsibility at all” and clearly showed “no remorse” for his crimes.

Melville rejected Macchal’s defence that the crimes were not premeditated, saying that “there was a degree of planning” evidenced by his friends being there.

The judge branded Macchal’s actions as “disgraceful” and highlighted both women were vulnerable as they were swimming at sea.

Alongside the 18-month sentence, Judge Melville placed Macchal on the sex offender’s register, but only for for five years.

Macchal’s crimes came just a few days after a 15-year-old girl was separated from her friends and raped in the sea next to Bournemouth pier, on the 18th of July 2021, in an unconnected attack.

The victim described her attacker as a 5’7″ Asian man — “Asian” usually referring to people of South Asian rather than East Asian heritage in British parlance — with tanned skin, a slit eyebrow, and an earring, who used the nickname “Dabby” and claimed to be from Birmingham.

After raping the his victim he stalked her round the beach and attempted to obtain her contact details, it is alleged, before one of her friends managed to scare him off.

The police have not been able to identify the attacker as of yet. Detective Inspector Wayne Seymour said that “a number of other Asian men approached females on the beach to ask for their Snapchat details on the same day”.

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