Vaccinated Can Volunteer to Wear Coloured Identity Mark to Prove Jab Status in German City

COLOGNE, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 11: Revellers need to check-in at a security gate with their C
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Vaccinated and recovered people in one German city will soon be able to wear a special wristband in order to convey their status as obviously as possible.

The city of Saarbrücken in Germany is to introduce a system of coloured wristband wearing for vaccinated and recovered individuals in order to make the process of shopping under the strict lockdown rules easier for those who are allowed to do so under the nation’s COVID restrictions.

Those in the country who are neither vaccinated nor recovered from Chinese Coronavirus are currently banned from most shops, along with events and leisure facilities, as part of Germany’s effort to combat the disease.

However, according to a report by Bild, for those whose status allows them to avail of these services in Germany, it can be “quite annoying” to produce papers and ID for verification every time you wish to enter a shop.

In order to solve this issue, the city of Saarbrücken has “simplified” the process using a system of coloured wristbands to indicate a person’s status as having the relevant documents to prove vaccination and/or recovery.

Once implemented, the new measures will allow shops in the city centre to distribute ribbons to those who have already been checked for the correct COVID papers so that they can more easily enter other venues in the area.

The Minister-President of the German state of Saarland — in which Saarbrücken is located — Tobias Hans of the Christian Democratic Union, has said that the model could be implemented elsewhere in the state.

“New ideas for better handling of our corona measures are always helpful and welcome,” Hans wrote online. “That is why I support the initiative of the trade to make compliance with the 2G Corona rules for retail in Saarbrücken more unbureaucratic and customer-friendly in the future.”

While those with the ability to shop in Saarbrücken can look forward to wearing a special COVID bracelet, should they choose to do so, many in Germany have been protesting the restrictions currently in place in the country.

In Saarbrücken itself, where this measure is soon to be introduced, a sizeable rally with over 6,000 protesters took place on Sunday, with those in attendance protesting current lockdown rules as well as the possibility of mandatory vaccination across the federal republic.

Those protesting in Saarbrücken were far from alone, with demonstrations taking place across the entirety of the federal republic.

Particularly of note was one anti-lockdown rally in Hamburg, which saw over ten thousand in attendance not long after the city banned unboosted and untested individuals from eating in restaurants last week.

Major demonstrations regarding lockdown measures also took place in Magdeburg, Düsseldorf, and Freiburg over the weekend.


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