Merkel Announces Restrictions on Unvaccinated, Vote on Making Jabs Compulsory

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Angela Merkel has announced a de facto lockdown of the unvaccinated, and that Germany’s parliament will soon vote on making vaccination mandatory.

Germany’s outgoing Chancellor has announced that the country will be barring the unvaccinated from events, leisure facilities, and all non-essential retail.

Such restrictions are already in place in some states in Germany, but they will soon be rolled out nationwide, the Associated Press reports.

Merkel has also revealed that the German parliament will be asked to decide on whether to make vaccination against the Chinese coronavirus mandatory for all, with a mandate possibly coming into force as early as February next year — adding that she would vote for such a move herself if she was still had a seat in the legislature.

“The situation in our country is serious,” Merkel insisted, calling the new measures an “act of national solidarity”.

According to Deutsche Welle, a draft agreement worked on by both Merkel and Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz, of the leftist Social Democratic Party (SPD), also discusses forcing the unvaccinated to limit their personal contacts, mandating the wearing of masks in schools, and capping the number of people allowed in buildings and at outdoor events.

There are also reports in German media suggesting that a so-called “2G-plus” rule is being considered, which would only allow vaccinated and/or recovered people entry to places such as restaurants or public facilities with proof of a negative coronavirus test.

Germany is aiming to have 30 million people vaccinated by the end of the year.

The announcement comes after a YouGov poll of Germans found that a majority would support the imposition of mandatory vaccination.

Chancellor-designate Scholz has reportedly said that he is in favour of the move, and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has also hinted at the possibility of an EU-wide mandate — a suggestion denounced as another step on the road to the “Chinafication of Europe” by critics.

Neighbouring Austria has already said that it will be making the vaccination mandatory from February next year, with those refusing to be jabbed facing indefinite lockdown, hefty fines, and possibly imprisonment.

The move has been slammed by Freedom Party leader Herbert Kickl as “Corona Apartheid”.

A Gallup poll has found that slightly over half of Austrians are in favour of the move, however, compared to 40 per cent who oppose it.

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