Energy Crisis: Climate Extremists Threaten to Cut Vital Gas Pipelines

BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 24: Police officers stand on patrol as activists block the end of a highway to protest against food waste on January 24, 2022 near Berlin, Germany. The activists are from the group "Letzte Generation" (Last Generation) and are demanding change to a law in Germany that …
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Climate crazies in Germany have threatened to start cutting off oil and gas pipelines until the government acquiesces to the group’s green demands.

As many across Europe struggle to keep up with the spiralling cost of energy as a result of years of bad government policy and recently intensified by the Ukraine crisis, climate crazies in Britain and Germany have been staging widespread protests, with activists in Britain disrupting the supply of petrol and diesel to the extent of causing shortages in the south of the country.

Germany’s hardcore green activists now look set to follow suit, threatening that they will begin shutting down oil and gas pipelines in the central European country unless the government acquiesces to their demand that no more money be put into new fossil fuel projects.

According to a report by Die Welt, the group issued the ultimatum after a long campaign of blocking roads in Berlin and Frankfurt, which has previously led to the climate crazies being referred to as a “fanatical doomsday sect“.

“Starting next week, we will peacefully shut down the pipelines of oil and gas that flow through our country to stand in name and face against the fossil-fuel madness,” the group wrote on their social media.

“We are doing this because unfortunately you do not plan to stop the destruction, but this is absolutely necessary if the younger generation has a chance of surviving,” the post continued. “In these places, the destruction of our livelihoods through fossil madness becomes visible. The public may think the pipelines are private property, but that is just a delusion.”

“In fact, the flow of oil and gas there is under government protection and fueled by you,” the group went on to claim. “No oil or gas could flow without your approval and support. This destruction must be stopped. By you – or by us.”

The threat that Germany may soon see its oil and gas lines embargoed by hardcore environmentalists will likely be met with dismay amongst the general public, who have been forced to put up with rising gas prices and rapid inflation.

Even with gas prices having fallen to their lowest point since the start of the current crisis in Ukraine last month thanks to supply levels steadying and the warmer weather brought by Spring, ordinary citizens are still paying far more for gas than they did last year.

Having previously risen to dizzying highs of €345 per megawatt, prices have now settled down to €80 a megawatt according to a report by Der Spiegel.

However, even at this price, costs are at least double what they did last year, with wholesale gas prices ranging from €5 to €40 per megawatt last year.

“The panic is out of the market for the time being,” said Berlin Analysis firm head Tobias Federico. “We are reaching a price level that is fundamentally justified in this situation,”

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