‘Militant’ Trade Unions Accused of Using Transport Strikes to Paralyse UK Amid Soaring Inflation

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 18: Trade unionists join the National TUC Cost of Living demonstrat
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Rail strikes perpetrated by “militant” trade unions are due to paralyse the United Kingdom next week thanks to disagreements over worker pay.

Last-minute efforts to avoid a series of major rail strikes in Britain have reportedly failed, with trade unions now confirming that workers in the country will strike on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. London Underground staff are scheduled to strike on Tuesday, as well.

It comes as those in the UK struggle to fight off rising living costs as a result of inflation in the country, which looks set to breach the ten per cent mark this year.

According to a report by The Telegraph, those within the UK government are now accusing “militant trade unions” and the hard left of weaponising the current crisis facing ordinary Britons to organise mass strikes, with one minister even accusing worker organisations of bribing their members into downing tools.

“It’s obvious that trade union chiefs have been quietly amassing a war chest to effectively bribe workers into unleashing a summer of strike chaos,” said UK Business tsar Kwasi Kwarteng ahead of next week’s transport strikes, with the publication noting that one union is offering £70 ($86) a day to its members to strike.

Meanwhile, the country’s Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, has condemned the rail strikes as being something that would only make things worse for people reliant on the transport services who are already struggling with the current crisis.

“By carrying out this action the [trade union] is punishing millions of innocent people, instead of calmly discussing the sensible and necessary reforms we need to make in order to protect our rail network,” Shapps reportedly said, urging the Rail, Maritime and Transport union at the centre of the strike to back down.

Unions have hit back at accusations, however, with RMT head Mick Lynch claiming that Conservative party politicians were preventing a deal from being done to avert strike action, with the union calling for workers to receive a “fair” pay rise.

In the meantime, far-left agitators have been making hay as the strikes shine, with Communist organisations taking to the streets on Saturday to push for “class struggle“, and to “make the rich pay”.

Seemingly in the hopes of achieving this aim, one group — the Young Communist League of Britain — chanted the names of communist dictators Ho Chi Minh, and Joseph Stalin while marching up and down the streets of London.

That is not to say that all those who protested the ongoing cost of living crisis on Saturday are card-carrying communists, as many ordinary individuals are struggling to make ends meet during the modern age of inflation.

For example, food banks across Britain have seen a massive surge in people looking to avail of their services, with one charity seeing an 85 per cent increase in demand.

“…I think we’re seeing, you know, real food poverty for the first time in a generation,” the head of one major supermarket chain in the country previously said regarding the crisis, which he said was starting to seriously affect some of the people shopping at his stores.

“I was in some stores on Friday and I was hearing for the first time for many years of customers saying to checkout staff ‘Stop when you get to £40, I don’t want to spend a penny over that’,” he also said. “I think that many of them are struggling to both be able to heat their homes and to feed their families.”

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