‘I Don’t Feel Cancelled’ Andrew Tate Defies Big Tech Ban with Move to Free Speech Site Rumble

Andrew Tate, Gettr
Andrew Tate, Gettr

Andrew Tate, who self-identifies as the ‘Top G’ of the internet, has seemingly circumvented the apparently coordinated Big Tech attempts to censor him by moving his ‘Emergency Meeting‘ podcast to the alt-tech platform Rumble, driving the app to number one in the rankings and raking in over 130,000 concurrent live viewers.

Four-time world kickboxing champion turned Romanian casino owner, who is sometimes described as one of the most controversial men on the internet, Andrew Tate has issued a call for “revolution” against the Big Tech platforms after Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok after they banned him from their services. Broadcasting live on Rumble on Friday evening, the influencer amassed over 130,000 concurrent live viewers, far more than is typically seen on platforms such as YouTube. It is perhaps unsurprising given his massive popularity, with clips of him being viewed over 12 billion times on TikTok, alone.

Though the social media sites have yet to justify their reasoning for Tate’s banishment with an specifics, the legacy media had been doubling down Tate over his alleged “misogynistic” viewpoints, a label that Tate denies, claiming that he is merely espousing traditional relationship values accepted throughout most of the world. The former kickboxing champ also has a history of operating a webcam girl business, despite his and his brother’s frequent criticism of pornography and masturbation.

There have also been an accusation of kidnapping, allegations which also Tate denies, telling Fox News’ Tucker Carlson this week that he was, in reality, a victim of “swatting”. There have been no charges levied in the wake of the incident.  Similarly, video footage from a decade ago of Tate apparently beating his then-girlfriend — leading to accusations of violence — has been consistently debunked by the woman herself, who said publicly on multiple occasions that it was consensual sex play.

The announcement from the British-American influencer that he would begin live-streaming exclusively on free-speech video site Rumble and using the Twitter alternative Gettr came as some surprise, given that the Tate had issued a “final message” just days prior following his ban, saying that he wanted to take time to reflect on how to engage with the internet without people taking his words out of context to be used against him. But apparently, Tate had more to say:

“What on earth, even in a million years, of your wildest dreams, made you think you were gonna stop Andrew Tate,” his brother Tristan ‘Talisman’ Tate said kicking off the Rumble live-stream, going on to call on all “real men and sexy ladies” to share the content.

Noting that in within just minutes of them going live on Rumble, the stream had already surpassed 70,000 live viewers, Tate turned to his brother and joked: “I don’t feel cancelled, do you feel cancelled?”

“This is the mistake they have made: this is the only time in human history when the Betas of earth had power over the Alphas. Before this, they had no power, but now they have a little bit of power, they can cancel you. Everyone they’ve cancelled so far ended up cancelled so they thought they could cancel the ‘Top G’. It’s the weapon that always works, they fired the bullet that never fails… It bounced off of my skin and here I am. I still emerge more powerful than ever before.”

Harkening back to his trade mark message of ultra masculinity, Tate said that there is a large segment of men “who don’t want to wear makeup, who don’t want to be girls,” but rather want to “who want to drive fast cars, have money, have hot chicks and there’s nothing wrong with us” but that when people like himself stand up for men’s issues, they are labelled as “toxic”, “misogynistic” and are cancelled.

“The second I decide to voice and talk about the things that we talk about, explain our points of view, they want to cancel us. They don’t want us to speak, they just want us to defend them, build the railroads, build the roads, be the workhorses, be the slaves and they think we’re not allowed a point of view.”

Commenting on the success of the first instalment of Tate’s show on the alt-tech free speech video platform, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said: “This is incredible… Rumble is becoming a household name across many audience segments now, we just broke outside of politics. It’s actually happening.”

The Rumble CEO later shared images of the app at first place in the iPhone app rankings, following the first Rumble-only episode’, with the caption “LFG!!!!!!!!!!”.

Immediately following the stream, Tate’s “army” of supporters flooded social media sites such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Stories with clips from the show, casting doubt on big tech platforms’ ability to silence the influencer.

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