‘People Are Allowed to Change Their Minds…’ Farage Says Give Thatcherite Liz Truss Benefit of the Doubt

TEXAS, USA - AUGUST 06: Nigel Farage speaks during CPAC Texas 2022 conference at Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX on August 6, 2022. (Photo by Lev Radin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
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Brexit leader Nigel Farage told Breitbart News that while new UK Prime Minister doesn’t on paper look like an obvious candidate for his support, he wants to give the leader a chance to actually deliver on her Thatcherite rhetoric.

While Prime Minister Liz Truss has a deeply questionable past politically and comparatively speaking has a very low public profile even inside the United Kingdom, Brexit leader Nigel Farage says he believes it is right to give people another chance if they genuinely change their minds, and he is enthusiastic about what Truss now claims to believe.

The remarks came in discussion with Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on his Breitbart News Daily show on Sirius XM Patriot on Wednesday, as PM Truss had flown to New York for the U.N. General Assembly and days before her government is due to unveil an emergency winter budget. It is heavily hinted by Truss that this package will contain tax cuts, although how much and for whom has not been specified.

Breaking from the mould and appearing to lend cautious support to a Conservative leader — reasonable observers would acknowledge Farage has been the only meaningful political opposition to the Tories this past decade and he’s had a major hand in the downfall of two of the three last latest party leaders — Mr Farage cited Truss’s apparent damascene conversion for his caution in criticising.

He said: “…if I look at her past she looks like the least likely, the last person you’d ever hear a kind word about from me! A left-wing student activist, in government anti-Brexit, supported Theresa May’s terrible sellout three times… Yet you know what, people are allowed to change their minds.”

Remarking that “fair and reasonable” people would give someone who said they’d changed their mind a chance to prove it, Farage said he’d ticked off in his mind a list of positive claims Truss had made in the leadership race, identifying: “belief in free markets, belief in entrepreneurship, belief that Conservatives should not believe in high taxes. Belief that our current net-zero strategy is leaving us vulnerable to foreign powers.”

Praising the Thatcherite rhetoric around Truss and her team’s economic ideas founded on growing the economy rather than simply arguing over how to redistribute what’s already there, Farage continued: “I’m doing to do my very best to support her in these early days and hope she actually does what she says. And if she does, I’ll be delighted. I’m trying to be as fair, objective, and reasonable as I can be…. let’s make Britain richer”.

Yet Farage implicitly noted there were perhaps other circumstances seeing him — perhaps reluctantly — showing willing for the Conservative leader. Noting Britain’s next national election to select a new government is just two years away, the Brexit leader said he was eyeing with concern the possibility of a left-wing, globalist win. He told Breitbart: “[Truss is] the last hope we’ve got from getting a big, globalist, high-tax, anti-business, open-borders Labour-led government in two years’ time.”


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