Woman Whose Ambulance Was Blocked by Climate Extremists Declared Brain Dead by Doctors

BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 20: Police use a solvent to unstick activists from the climate a
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A woman involved in a traffic accident in Berlin has been declared brain dead, a tragic end to an episode which included emergency services travelling to give aid being delayed by road-blocking climate protesters.

Police in Berlin have announced that a woman cyclist who was struck by a cement truck earlier this week is now officially brain dead as a result of her injuries.

It comes after efforts by emergency services to aid the woman in the immediate aftermath of the accident were said to be significantly delayed by climate protesters, who have now repeatedly blocked major roadways in the German capital.

According to a press release by Berlin law enforcement, the unnamed 44-year-old was pronounced brain dead in hospital this morning.

Meanwhile, the driver of the concrete mixer is meanwhile said to have been released from hospital, having himself been injured. The driver wasn’t injured by the accident itself, but was stabbed by a bystander after he got out of his cab to check on the cyclist. The exact motive for the stabbing immediately following the road collision is not yet clear.

Police say that they have arrested a 48-year-old they believe may have perpetrated the attack, who is now due to appear before a judge.

While it is unknown whether or not the delay in the rescue effort to aid the cyclist had any impact on her death, some have been quick to lambast the protesters in the wake of the accident, with even the country’s president coming out recently to challenge the methods of the climate extremists.

Meanwhile, The Last Generation, the green radical organisation which has claimed responsibility for the road blockades, has said that its protesters pay “careful attention” to emergency lanes, though did not rule out that their actions had delayed the woman’s treatment.

Two protesters associated with the organisation are currently under investigation by police for their actions in regard to the incident, Der Spiegel reports.

The group so far does not appear to have made any attempt to justify the death, a stark contrast to climate protesters in the UK, who have previously said that any deaths as a result of their road-blocking actions were merely a necessary sacrifice for their green agenda.

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