UK Border Force Caught Red-Handed Taking Channel Migrants from French

Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images

Radio chatter between Britain’s ineffectual Border Force and the French authorities has revealed them arranging regular transfers of boat migrants into British territory.

In recordings passed to The Daily Mail by a source described as a “businessman trading in seafood from Ramsgate “, a relationship between the British and French authorities described by one Conservative MP representing a constituency on the frontlines of the Channel crisis as “very chummy” emerges. It is claimed the recordings show Border Force happily arranging to pick up migrants escorted into British territorial waters by the French.

“We are on our route coming with one boat of migrants. Are you ready to receive them or not?” the French ask their British counterparts in one such recording transcribed by the Mail.

The Border Force vessel Hurricane responds that it has “been tasked to another event but there is another vessel on its way with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) of about 20 minutes… please stay with them until another vessel which is Border Force Ranger arrives there.”

“We contacted the BF Hurricane just before,” the French tell the Ranger when it arrives, adding: “Normally, you come into our position to take charge of the small [migrant] boat we are escorting” — demonstrating that French handovers of migrants are a regular occurrence.

It has previously been claimed that the French escort migrants into British waters instead of picking them up and taking them back to France themselves because they “threaten to jump overboard or throw their children into the water” — yet nobody ever seems to have been arrested for child endangerment or death threats for using such criminal scare tactics.

“[The recordings] prove what many of us working at sea in the Channel have long suspected,” commented the man who passed the recording to the Mail.

“The French watch the migrant boats leaving their beaches and escort them over many hours to mid-Channel where the British pick them up and bring them into Dover and a new life. It is a taxi service in all but name,” he said.

Indeed, Brexit champion Nigel Farage, who helped to elevate the ever-worsening Channel migrant crisis to national attention, recorded footage of the French handing over migrants to a compliant Border Force in 2020, and an analysis of publicly available Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder data by Breitbart’s Oliver Lane subsequently demonstrated that such handovers were par for the course.

After this, Border Force vessels began to go radio silent when collecting boat migrants, apparently preferring to try and obscure its activities from the public eye rather than work to rectify the situation.

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