Language Purge: Don’t Say ‘Homosexual’ or ‘Mate’, UK Deep State Civil Servants Told

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Words such as “homosexuality” and “mate” should not be used, civil servants at the Home Office were reportedly told during yet another woke language code presentation.

Staff at the UK’s Home Office, the department tasked with key government functions such as dealing with immigration, crime, and terrorism, were reportedly forced to sit through a lecture on leftist ideals surrounding language, including the use of novel gender pronouns and the words or phrases that are apparently no longer acceptable.

A leak of the presentation obtained by the Westminster gossip site Guido Fawkes, revealed that civil servants at the Home Office were told that they should refrain from referring to someone as a “homosexual” or using the word “homosexuality” as it could “reduce the person to purely sexual terms” and that “people tend to use gay instead” as homosexual is “generally considered a medical term now”.

The language police went on to say that words such as “butch”, “femme”, pre-operative and post-operative, sex change, and transsexual. The phrase “transgendered” was also banned as it “suggests a condition of some kind”, while “transgenderism” was also put on the no-no list as the presenters claimed that the word “suggests an ‘ideology’ that could be argued against”.

Demonstrating that this is indeed an ideological struggle in nature, civil servants were instructed to abstain from saying “anything that implies being LGBT+ is a choice”, such as the phrases “sexual preference” or “gay lifestyle”, or “anything that implies bi people are ‘greedy,’ ‘undecided’ or ‘going through a phase’ ”.

Another banned word was the British term of endearment “mate”, however, it is unclear from the material in the leak as to why exactly it was deemed offensive.

The government employees were then told that they should respect a myriad of gender pronouns, including “neopronouns” like “zie” or “ey”.

In a lunchtime presentation on gender identities for the Home Office’s homeland security group, which is tasked with protecting the nation from terrorism, staff were informed that some people may use “mixed” pronouns, meaning that they may use “he or they” or “she or they”.

“People use mixed pronouns for many different reasons — there’s no ‘one size fits all’ for NB [gender nonbinary] people or people that use mixed pronouns, just as there isn’t for men or women,” the civil servants heard.

Staff were also told that they should include their preferred pronouns in emails and to use neutral words when unaware of the preferences of another. “Don’t assume the gender of a person’s partner,” they were told. “If you’re not sure, ask. But avoid intimate questions about body parts, sex life, relationships etc.”

The Civil Service, the supposedly politically-neutral bureaucracy that staffs the various governmental departments in Britain has, increasingly been infected by left-wing ideology. For instance, civil servants were previously told during a diversity training session that Britain is a racist country and that they should never contradict co-workers from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Woke “anti-racist” reading lists for government employees have also included works from radical Critical Race Theory advocates such as Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo.

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