Trans Man Jailed for Tying up and Stabbing Trans Partner is ‘Woman’, Says UK Police

zara jade
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A man has been jailed for tying up and stabbing his partner, but despite the repeat-abuser being sent to a male prison the UK police kept up the pretence he is a woman in their statement.

Zara Jade has been jailed for nine years with an additional three years on licence for a string of offences against his partner. A Ministry of Justice spokesman told Breitbart London that Jade will be placed in a male prison.

A restraining order has also been issued. Bradford Crown Court heard how Jade, who identifies as a woman but will be treated as a man by the prison service — generally now the case where transgender-presenting criminals who have intact male genitalia are jailed — launched a brutal attack in 2022.

West Yorkshire Police state the court heard how Jade “stabbed her partner with a small knife” before tying the other party to a recliner chair with pairs of pantyhose. Jade then took the victim’s debit card and withdrew cash, leaving his partner tied up for several hours. The “substantial” injuries were discovered during a scheduled visit by a nurse to the pair’s home.

Apparently hamstrung by their own guidelines restricting plain speaking, West Yorkshire Police published a press release on the successful conclusion of the domestic abuse case resulting in a jail sentence, but missing some key details.  Calling Zara Jade a “woman” throughout, the statement didn’t mention the fact that Jade is reportedly due to be locked up in a men’s, not a women’s prison and had years of prior convictions for abuse and rape.

The police statement was initially accompanied by a tweet linking to the page, along with the police mugshot unavoidably showing Jade’s strong jawline and stubble-covered chin. This tweet was subsequently deleted.

While local newspaper The Yorkshire Evening Post reported the police statement uncritically, the Daily Mail reported that Jade had previously been jailed for other offences, including rape in 1998 and another sexual crime in 2013.

Jade’s barrister reportedly said the convicted sex offender’s main priority now is “to complete her transition”.

Transgender prisoners became a major news narrative in the United Kingdom after a string of high-profile cases where male sex abusers and rapists were observed to arbitrarily change their professed gender at or after the time of arrest. While the facts of these cases were hotly debated, dogmatic insistence that all men who say they are women are in fact real women was a major contributing factor to the collapse of the government of Nicola Sturgeon this year.

Public outcry over male rapists being put into women’s prisons eventually also led to the UK government reforming its prisons policy, meaning from this year those with intact male genitalia would be treated as men, no matter how they described themselves.


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