LGBT Uniparty: Tory and Labour MPs Block Bridgen Bill Banning Radical Gender Theory in Schools

Andrew Bridgen (right) at a Reclaim Party press conference at One Great George Street in W
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Reclaim Party MP Andrew Bridgen’s legislation to prohibit schools from promoting radical theories on gender and require that they inform parents if their child is seeking to ‘transition’ to the opposite gender was blocked by a cohort of left-wing Labour and allegedly Conservative lawmakers on Tuesday.

An attempt by Andrew Bridgen MP attempt to safeguard children from being used as “science experiments” amid the proliferation of widely contested gender ideology, was blocked from consideration in a rare move by a group of Tory and Labour MPs, who voted by a measure of 40 to 34 to prevent Bridgen’s bill from being put before the entire House of Commons, the Daily Mail reported.

The Reclaim Party MP, who joined Laurence Fox’s anti-woke party after being kicked out of the Conservative Party earlier this year over his criticisms of coronavirus vaccines and lockdowns, said that his bill would “prohibit the promotion of social transition practices in schools”.

“The promotion of social transitioning and the discussion of social transitioning practices would be prohibited from appearing on any aspect of a school curriculum,” Bridgen said.

The Reclaim MP said that in instances where gender identity is taught, it should be taught alongside opposing viewpoints in order to allow “a fair presentation of political beliefs.”

“Under all our noses, members of society, either politically or educationally tasked with helping bring up our children have turned raising the next generation into a science experiment with consequences that break my heart.

“Gender ideology is a political ideology. One that has been effectively promoted in schools, and therefore constitutes political indoctrination.’

“Our children are not guinea pigs, it’s high time this House took charge and stopped allowing ideologies passed down from mad scientists which treat them as such… My proposed bill will protect children, reassure parents, and offer certainty to teachers.”

Although 25 Conservative MPs supported Bridgen’s bill to be put forward as proposed legislation, 10 sided with the left-wing Labour Party, thereby blocking the bill from consideration.

The Conservative Party, which has been in power for 13 years, has come under increasing scrutiny for its failures to pass laws protecting children from radical educators. Despite growing pressure on the government to take a firm stance, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is only expected to issue “guidance” to schools, rather than actually changing the law.

Mr Bridgen’s bill, which would require schools to inform parents “if their child has indicated an intention to pursue or has commenced social transition’ and give parents the right to access information about sex education lessons in schools,” was criticised by left-wing MPs as allegedly forcing schools to “out” so-called transgender children.

“Many trans young people have very good reasons for not wanting to come out to their families. Andrew Bridgen’s Bill, which would require schools to out pupils who are socially transitioning, is a dangerous piece of legislation,” said Labour MP Olivia Blake.

This claim, which was repeated by several Labour MPs, was rejected by Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox who said that there was no mention of “outing” children in the bill and that parents have a right to decide how they raise their children without “anti-family measures” being imposed upon them from the state.

“This isn’t China or North Korea. This is Great Britain. Parents are best placed to support and nurture their children,” the Reclaim leader said.

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