Exclusive: From Brigitte Bardot to Burkinis, French ‘Way of Life’ Is Being Destroyed by Mass Migration, Says MEP

MARSEILLE, FRANCE - AUGUST 31 : Women in burkas walk along the old port on August 31, 2023
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The European Parliament elections represent an existential battle between the open borders agenda of elites in Brussels and those who wish to reclaim national sovereignty and save their countries and cultures from being subsumed by mass migration, a French MEP told Breitbart News.

In an exclusive interview before the French public heads to the polls on Saturday to select their next representatives in the EU Parliament, National Rally Member of the European Parliament Patricia Chagnon said that the “crucial” vote will see people decide whether they want to continue being under the thumb of the centralised “imperialistic management” of EU technocrats or citizens taking back control of their own destinies.

For Chagnon, one of the most glaring infringements on national sovereignty has been on immigration, with EU directives superseding national law and European courts enforcing the diktats, with the latest example coming in the form of the new Migration Pact, which she said is an “absolute disaster” that “makes illegal immigration legal”.

“If the Germans want to take in a million migrants from Africa, they can do whatever they like, but given the fact that we have Schengen [the EU’s internal open borders system] and they can just walk right into France, there is a problem because that has not been decided by my country,” she told Breitbart London.

“It is a country that should decide on its migration policy, definitely not a one-shoe-fits-all decided by some technocrats in Brussels,” Chagnon said. “I profoundly believe that only the National Assembly, where the French people are represented, has sovereignty over my country.”

The MEP said that she has personally experienced the negative ramifications of mass migration, saying that — especially as a woman — she felt the French way of life is slipping away.

Chagnon explained that even as a sixty-year-old woman, she “adapts” how she dresses when she goes to Paris, taking care to cover up when on the streets or public transport. She also said that her own daughter decided to leave the French capital and move to Australia after being attacked on the streets of Paris twice.

“The whole way of life is being changed,” she lamented. “People are adapting their way of life under the terrible pressure that we have from these Muslim gangs going around trying to enforce adherence to their Sharia Islamic laws. They have used the freedoms in Europe to curtail ours.”

Highlighting the change, the National Rally politician said that even in her small rural beachside town, she saw women wearing Islamic “burkinis” — a full-body covering alternative to the bikini for Muslim women to abide by the religion’s draconian dress codes — whereas, before the open borders societal transformation, starlets like Brigit Bardot would famously sunbathe on French beaches topless.

“You wear bloody burkinis in Saudi Arabia, what may be liberation for women over there is a terrible regression in France,” Chagnon said.

The populist politician said mass migration was being inflicted upon the people of Europe by globalists in Brussels, who do not see immigration as a problem, but rather as “their project”.

“They want to dilute this ‘horrible’ Western civilisation of colonialism and the Second World War, with the white male at the root of all problems in the world today, the West needs to pay for that,” she said.

“Immigration is their project, it is not seen as their problem, they just can’t say it like that because they would have everyone on the streets saying ‘it is a problem, come and see where I live’.”

Meanwhile, the globalist project has been bolstered with support from the far-left, whom she argued have “lost their traditional labour electorate, and are purposefully looking at getting these new ‘French citizens’ to vote for them in opposition to ‘bad, old colonial France’.”

However, Chagnon said that there is a burgeoning awakening in France of the need to curtail immigration, saying that people are coming to realise that “we can’t integrate them, they are not going to school, they are dealing drugs, they are running wild,” pointing to last year’s race-inspired riots following the police killing of Algerian-heritage teen.

This is the main reason why, she said, that her party’s leader, 28-year-old Jordan Bardella, has had such a successful campaign for the EU Parliament elections, with his National Rally widely projected to come out on top after the votes are cast on Saturday, with polls predicting the populist party will likely enjoy twice the support of President Emmanuel Macron’s party.

“Bardella has had such a successful campaign because a lot of people have realised that we are submerged by immigration, we can’t handle it, insecurity is rampant, drug dealers run total neighbourhoods, it’s out of control, we need to get a grip on this and the vast majority of the French people agree with us,” she said.

The rise of the National Rally in France comes amid a wider populist pushback across the bloc. Chagnon said this will provide a historic opportunity for conservatives and populists to band together in the EU Parliament and give back power to national governments to set their own migration policies, pointing to Denmark, which negotiated opt-out clauses from Brussels diktats and therefore has been able to enact stringent migration policies, as a potential model.

“This election is really about two views of the world, one governed by technocrats in centralised Brussels and the other of EU cooperation between free nation-states.”

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