VIDEO: Mom Opens Special Kneads Bakery for Son with Cerebral Palsy

A mom in Galva, Illinois, is making sure her son has all the skills he needs to succeed in life after he graduates from high school.

When Margaret Cortes’ son Frankie was born, doctors said he might never be able to walk or talk due to his cerebral palsy, according to WVLT.

“He’s got a lot of diagnosis against him,” his mom commented. “He’s got cerebral palsy, he’s got Dandy-Walker variant which is a malformation of the brain, he’s got vision issues so he’s blind in one eye.”

However, Frankie has since proved the doctors wrong and is now capable of doing pretty much anything anyone else can do.

“He can sing, he can dance, he can run, he can jump. He can do so many things,” Margaret stated.

That is why she decided to open the Special Kneads Bakery one year ago so her son could have a job after graduation.

“It was important for me that he didn’t end up just working in a factory or working where he wasn’t getting that exposure to other people,” she noted.

The high school senior said he loves working at the popular bakery because he gets to interact with friends and neighbors on a regular basis.

“I just try and treat everyone with respect and make them smile,” he told reporters. “I like serving the community because it makes my heart feel good.”

Frankie is also working on getting into college now that he has gained the skills he needs to enter the adult world.

“I’m just looking forward to exiting, even though my teachers don’t really want me to. I think that I’ll be ready,” he commented.

Margaret said her son just keeps hitting milestone after milestone.

“It’s amazing to see how far he’s come,” she noted, adding that she hopes to employ more people with special needs in the future.

For now, Frankie is saving the tips he makes at the bakery to buy a golf cart so he can drive from his home to work every day.


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