Video: Anonymous Donor Gives Man Gift of Sight with Electronic Eyewear Device

A young man in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is feeling grateful after he received a generous gift from an anonymous benefactor recently.

When Mike McIntyre was just nine months old, doctors found a brain tumor on his optic nerve and pituitary gland which are the nerves that connect the eyes to the brain, according to WRAL.

Because of the tumor, McIntyre never knew what it was like to have normal vision and learned to adapt to very limited eyesight.

However, five years ago he heard about a wearable electronic device called eSight that offers a form of vision restoration without implants or surgery.

“eSight’s low vision electronic eyewear significantly enhances vision empowering you to explore new possibilities in school, work and home,” the product’s website read.

“I tested them, and I could see 20/20 with them for the first time,” said McIntyre, whose dream is to become a chef.

“Without it, yes I can cook. I can chop things, I can you know, make fancier things, but with the eSight I think I can do it more prettier. I can do the actual pretty cuts instead of just the sizing of it,” he explained.

Because the device cost nearly $6,000, the Fayetteville Community Lions Club offered to help him raise the money to buy one.

Not long after, the eSight fundraising heard about the club’s efforts and called McIntyre to inform him that an anonymous donor had paid all the remaining costs.

Touching video footage showed the moment he learned the news and after he had shed a few tears, McIntyre said, “In a scary world nowadays, there are still nice people.”

When the device arrived at his home, McIntyre put them on and described the experience as “like a baby with its first eyesight. You know, was just born and get the first glimpse of everything. It’s amazing.”

Later, McIntyre said he hoped others like him would also be able to get one of the devices.

“It’s like a second chance. Everybody deserves one,”  he concluded.


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