VIDEO– Mom Walking over Hour to Job Gets $10K from Anonymous Donor: ‘There Are People Who Hold You Sacred’

Community members are blessing a mother who walks over an hour to her job every morning in Spring Lake, Michigan.

One man who heard her story made a donation that overwhelmed the woman, whose name is Samantha Turcotte, WZZM reported Wednesday.

She previously told the outlet she had been walking an hour and a half to work each day after she was in a car accident in February that was not her fault.

It left her without a car, but Turcotte was not about to let that keep her from getting to work for her 5:00 a.m. shifts.

The journey is difficult because she also suffers from plantar fasciitis, which is heel pain that involves inflammation.

After a co-worker informed the outlet of her situation, Turcotte was shocked when people began contacting her, offering rides and support.

She said, “I just kept trying to stay strong, knowing that there are good people out there. You’ve just got to be able to wait until they reach you.”

Meanwhile, the man, who asked to remain anonymous, said when he saw her smiling with her children, he knew she was the epitome of a good mother.

He asked the outlet to give Turcotte a check for $10,000. When she opened it, she could not believe his generosity, noting that someone from a dealership would also help her get a car if she could find some money to put towards it.

In his message to her, the donor said, “Samantha, I know it’s been a trauma for you, but I want you to know that there are people out there in the world who hold you very sacred. Jesus loves you, and God made us all to love one another.”

When she gets another car, Turcotte will be able to get to her job, visit her son, and attend her daughter’s choir concert.

When speaking of the donor, she said, “To this wonderful person, thank you. This means so much.”


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