Watch: BLM Occupies Seattle Trader Joe’s Demanding 15 Percent to Black Communities

BLM in Trader Joes
Twitter Video Screenshot/Andy Ngo

Black Lives Matter protesters pushed their way into a Seattle Trader Joe’s demanding the company give “15 percent at least.” The group has repeated the tactic of harassing the store’s staff and customers over the past few months.

A video tweeted Thursday night shows a large group of BLM activists entering a Seattle Trader Joe’s store. They chanted and beat drums as they marched through the grocery chain location.

The marchers chanted demands that the store donate “15 percent at least” to the Black community. They went on to harass customers and store employees, demanding they join the cause.

Earlier this month, BLM activists invaded another Trader Joe’s in Seattle by forcing their way through the door.

In September, BLM activists went to another Trader Joes to protest the “lack of access to grocery stores.” They also said “capitalism exploits the working class.”

A June report from GQ noted how the “15 percent” demand could be satisfied in the form of large retail chains giving that much shelf space for “historically underrepresented brands.” The upscale retailer is notorious for its lower price points due to roughly 80 percent of all offerings being re-branded and resold from private label companies, according to Business Insider.

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