Uber Driver Allegedly Kidnaps Drunk Female Passenger

Uber Driver Allegedly Kidnaps Drunk Female Passenger

An Uber driver, a ridesharing service that connects drivers and riders through a mobile app, has been arrested in California and could face kidnapping charges after allegedly taking a drunk female client to a motel room and lying next to her shirtless. It is not yet clear whether or not this is an Uber-related incident.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Frederick Dencer, 32, of Encino picked up the 26-year old woman from outside of Gravestone Manor night club in West Hollywood. Investigators say that while they believe Dencer was off-duty at the time of the pickup, his status as an Uber driver put him in the positioning to be able to commit the alleged crime.

The woman’s phone’s battery was reportedly dead and she was so inebriated that she couldn’t tell Dencer her home address. That’s when Dencer decided to take her to the motel. The motel was “miles from her home, miles from his home, and many miles from West L.A.,” according to Lieutenant Paul Vernon, commanding officer with the Mission Detective Division.

Vernon explained that he believes “Dencer took advantage of the situation, and drove her to a cheap motel, which he had visited before, and carried her into the room… He slept the night in the room, and when she awoke, he let her leave, though he asked her to stay, according to the victim,” he said.

Dencer has been charged with suspicion of kidnap for the purpose of sexual assault, and his bail was set at $1 million. A court date has not yet been set.