Guard Wields Machete to Save Adult Toys from Bong-Waving Intruder

Machete (AP)
Associated Press

A security guard at an adult store in Anaheim, California was able to thwart a violent holdup and robbery attempt using a machete to subdue the would-be thief.

A hammer-wielding man attempted to rob the Couples Mega Outlet around 11:15 p.m. on Friday night, which prompted the security guard to intervene, according to the Orange County Register. The robber reportedly grabbed a glass water pipe (bong) and used it to hit the guard on the head, which then caused the security guard to grab a machete from nearby and return the favor.

With one strike, he was able to stop the man.

Police and an ambulance arrived shortly after to detain the man and transported him to a nearby hospital for his head wounds where he remained through Saturday night. The would-be robber suffered moderate injuries and the security guard minor ones. The guard is reportedly not facing any charges.

A YouTube video shows a 2013 incident in which a New York convenience store clerk who was robbed at gunpoint pulled out a machete and fought off the culprit.

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