PETA Alert: Google Simulates Animal Abuse on Robot Dog

Google Kicks a Dog (Screenshot / YoutTube)
Screenshot / YoutTube

Boston Dynamics, owned by Google since 2013, has released a video of its new robot dog, Spot, in which workers try to kick it over, first gently and then more violently.

The video then depicts the robot climbing up and down a hill, navigating its way through a forested area using its head-mounted sensor, climbing a flight of stairs, and finally jogging at a fairly rapid pace.

The video shows Spot, which weighs 160 pounds, marching through an office, where a worker gently uses his foot in an unsuccessful attempt to knock the robot off balance as it walks. The video then cuts to Spot standing in a parking lot outside, where another worker violently kicks the robot, which struggles for a moment, then regains its balance.

Spot, which is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated, is a smaller version of the robot Big Dog, which can throw cinder blocs through the air. The video shows Spot easily outdistancing its bigger robot pal as they climb a hill together.

Google is not alone among high-tech companies fascinated by robots; Microsoft now boasts security guard robots, made by robotics company Knightscope, that stand five feet tall, weigh 300 pounds, and come equipped with alarms, sirens, and cameras.


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