CA Lawmaker: Concealed Permits Too Easy to Get, Students in Danger

AP Photo/Al Behrman
AP Photo/Al Behrman

California law that bans guns on school and university campuses exempts people with a concealed carry license. State Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) is pushing legislation to change that law so that concealed carry permit holders are banned, as well.

On April 14, Wolk’s proposal–SB 707–passed the Senate Safety Committee by a vote of 4-2.

Concealed carry permit holders are law-abiding citizens or they would not be able to pass the in depth background check requisite to getting a permit. And Wolk did not cite one crime on campus by such law-abiding citizens, yet she did cite her desire to give more authority to school bureaucrats, who will be empowered to control gun polices on campus if her bill succeeds.

According to The Davis Enterprise, Wolk said:

As concealed weapons permits are becoming more prevalent and easier to obtain, campus public safety officials need more authority to regulate them on campus grounds. This bill provides that increased authority where it belongs, with those trained and responsible for ensuring the safety of our students, teachers and staff.

It is worth pointing out that concealed carry permits are not getting “easier to obtain” in California. In fact, the continued existence of the “good cause” requirement for a concealed carry permit automatically limits permit issuance to the few people who can walk into a county sheriff’s office and detail a specific threat against their lives. Only then are they justified in the carrying of a firearm for self-defense in the eyes of California law.

What Wolk’s bill will do, if it becomes law, is create an entirely new class of unarmed individuals on school and university campuses who are unable to defend themselves and others.

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