Trump Meets with Families of Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens

An undated file photo of Los Angeles High School student Jamiel Shaw Jr., 17.

Donald Trump is meeting Friday afternoon with several family members of Americans killed due to the actions of foreign nationals illegally present in the United States.

Trump is meeting, as of this writing, with the family of Jamiel Shaw Jr., Sabine Durden, Don Rosenberg, Lupe Moreno, Brenda Sparks, Robin Hvidston and their spouses in Los Angeles, according to representatives for Trump.

Each of these individuals participated in a national day of remembrance for Americans killed by illegal aliens last November. Breitbart exclusively covered the Temecula, California event onsite.

Jamiel Shaw Jr. was shot and killed in 2008 when illegal alien gang member Pedro Espinoza was released from prison and within hours set out with the intent to kill, choosing Shaw due to his red Spiderman backpack. Shaw’s father, Jamiel Shaw, Sr., heard the shot from the family home and knew something was wrong. He walked outside to find his son slain.

The Shaw family has pushed for legislation entitled “Jamiel’s Law.”

“Law-abiding citizens of all colors are uniting against the targeting of innocent black residents of Los Angeles by illegal alien gangs,” Michelle Malkin wrote of Jamiel’s Law back in 2008.

Legal German immigrant Sabine Durden lost her only son Dominic in 2012 when a Guatemalan national illegally in the country struck and killed her son in a traffic collision. The driver had two prior drunk driving convictions and had requested amnesty from a judge. It was through the diligent efforts of Ms. Durden that he was eventually deported.

Brenda Sparks lost her son Eric Haydu Zepeda when an illegally present alien struck Zepeda and his passenger while they were riding on his motorcycle.

Lupe Moreno recounted at the Temecula event, her nephew telling intoxicated illegal aliens “I’m an American” before being shot in the head.

Don Rosenberg lost his son in a motorcycle collision with an illegal alien. The offender served half of a six-month sentence before being deported. The Rosenberg family fought for the deportation.

Trump came under fire for comments on illegal immigration made during the announcement of his presidential campaign. Since the initial brash remarks, he has offered clarifying comments and has expressed his love for the Mexican people, while at the same time stressing the importance of securing the U.S. southern border. Several business partners have severed ties with Trump over the comments, while the issue of illegal immigration has emerged in the national debate.

Pro-amnesty protesters are expected outside a Republican event also scheduled for Friday in Los Angeles.

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