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Jamiel Shaw

How CNN Muzzled Victims’ Voices at Republican National Convention

CNN cut away from speakers who spoke out against illegal immigration at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday night, turning instead to its daily stable of talking heads, and coming back for a conventional politician’s speech.

AP Photo/Nick Ut

Trump ‘Sent From God,’ Says Parent of Son Murdered by Illegal Alien

CLEVELAND, Ohio — In prime time on the first night of the Republican National Convention, three parents who each lost a child to the crime of an illegal alien took the stage to share their stories and urge Americans to vote for the candidate that showed he cared and would act to protect America and her borders: Donald Trump.


Black Murder Victim’s Father Cut Off by Black Lives Matter at Trump Rally

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted the Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas Monday night, including several protesters who attempted to interrupt the story of Jamiel Shaw, an African-American man, recounting how his 17 year-old son Jamiel Shaw Jr. was murdered by an illegal alien from Mexico.


L.A. Votes ICE Enforcement Out of County Jail, Obama System In

Crowds of activists from both sides of the ferocious illegal immigration debate clashed in a war of words directed at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors as the elected officials voted 3-2 Tuesday to kill the 287(g) program that allows U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) agents inside county jails in order to review inmates for legal status and potential deportation prior to release.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Illegal Alien Child Sex Offender Caught Crossing into U.S.

Convicted child sex offender, drug trafficker and prior deportee Eloy Chavez-Loviano was arrested near Calexico, California on Monday when Border Patrol agents caught Chavez attempting to cross back into the United States from Mexico.