Jerry Brown Dodges Tax Questions

Jerry Brown, Kevin de Leon, Loni Atkins

On Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown evaded questions about whether he would raise taxes to pay for new road repairs.

Some Democratic leaders have urged raising taxes on gas or cigarettes. But Brown remained mum on any tax hike, saying coyly, “I’m not going to put all my cards on the table this morning,” adding that he was “working on it.”

Then he pronounced his view from Olympus: “As a brooding omnipresence, I stand above the fray here,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

In 2010, Brown offered a pledge that he would not raise taxes without taxpayers approval, but in 2014, when he ran for reelection, he would not re-commit to his pledge. In June, Brown stated that his approval of a prospective tax increase was an “open question.”

Brown fudged the issue in June, when he said he had never been asked during his reelection campaign whether he would keep his 2010 pledge. In fact, the Bee reported, he had indeed been asked in 2014.

Brown may be keeping silent because he needs GOP support for any tax increase–and Bob Huff, the Senate Republican leader, has already stated the GOP will not support hiking taxes for transportation.

Brown concluded, “That’s kind of interesting to have a press conference and not provide you with what it is you’re seeking. But what you’re getting here is the opening chapter in a longer novel, and there’ll be more chapters in the next few weeks.”

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