Rams to Return to L.A. After First Round of Voting

Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers

The 32 NFL team owners completed a first round of voting on Tuesday in Houston, with the result thus far favoring a Rams and possibly either the Raiders or Chargers moving into a new Los Angeles stadium in Inglewood.

Approval to move forward with a move requires at least 24 of the 32 NFL owners. Leading up to the vote, the NFL’s Los Angeles Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities recommended the Carson stadium over what was painted as a more ambitious Inglewood stadium. The Carson stadium has been billed as a joint Raiders-Chargers home.

In a San Diego Union-Tribune live blog on the NFL owners vote in Houston tweets stated that the voting options were down to a joint Chargers-Rams stadium in Inglewood; the project the Rams have proposed as a stadium for just the Rams; and a joint Chargers-Raiders stadium in Carson.

Breitbart News previously reported on the three teams vying for the two separate Los Angeles stadium projects.

One project was originally proposed as a Rams-only, $1.86 billion stadium in Inglewood. The other project is a $1.7 billion, 72,000-seat stadium in Carson. Both are in the Los Angeles market. Insiders have suggested for some time now that the Inglewood stadium could house two teams, likely the Rams and Chargers.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodall came out bashing San Diego, St Louis and Oakland for their stadium proposals to the NFL (or lack thereof), calling the plans not viable in a report sent out Saturday, according to the Los Angeles Times. Oakland acknowledged a lacking stadium plan when they submitted their bid to keep the Raiders.

Fans for each of the three teams gathered for late October town hall-style meetings held by NFL leadership in each of the three cities that could lose their teams. Los Angeles resident Tom Bateman of the group “Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams” showed up for the San Diego meeting, asking why no meeting was held in Los Angeles and lobbying the NFL leadership to return the Rams to L.A.

The Rams and Raiders both left the L.A. market in 1994–the Rams after 49 years there and the Raiders after 14 years. Los Angeles has been without an NFL team since these two teams left. The Chargers have remained almost exclusively in San Diego for over 50 years, with only their first year spent in L.A.

The owners will continue voting on Wednesday. As reported in the Union-Tribune live blog, no plan has received the required 24 votes thus far.

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