Search for Person Who Drowned Dog on Beach


Two beachgoers discovered a grisly and heartbreaking account of animal cruelty last week when they found a dead dog tied to a shovel on Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey. Now, several animal rights organizations are contributing funds to catch the person responsible for the crime.

It is believed the mixed-breed puppy was tied up, then drowned as the tide came in and an investigation is underway to find the owner. David Carpenter and Malia Zimmerman made the discovery last Wednesday as they were paddle-boating along with several paddle-boating team members.

According to local Fox News affiliate in Los Angeles Fox 11, a black rope had been wrapped around the dog’s neck and the lower portion of the partially submerged shovel, which was stuck in the sand at the 14100 block of Palawan Way.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Humane Society of the United States are each offering $5,000 as a reward for information about the culprit. After speaking with Breitbart News about the incident, Marc Ching, founder of the non-profit Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and Sherman Oaks-based Petstaurant, said he will also contribute $5,000 from the Hope and Wellness Foundation to help catch the individual responsible for this egregious act.

Ching said he wants to make sure the people responsible are caught to prevent them from carrying out more crimes.

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation centers on abuse and cruelty cases in Los Angeles and people don’t realize that it’s more common that they think. People beat their dogs up every day and when I see a dog that was purposely drowned, I would assume that the owner has some sort of mental problem or issue in their life. And why I propose catching this person is because it is more than likely they will turn around and abuse other children and human beings.

He told Breitbart News about two recent incidents of animal cruelty in Los Angeles. In one case, a dog named “Bowie” was allegedly beaten up and kicked by his owner several times over different occasions, and now suffers a broken jaw, hip and leg. “And nobody took him to the vet. It’s cruelty and neglect.”

Marc said the second case involves an individual in Pacoima, California dubbed the “cat killer.” “This guy buys cats and kills them according to two witnesses who reported the cases to me.”

Anyone with information about the drowned puppy is asked to contact the Department of Animal Care and Control at (562) 728-4572.

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