Video: Protesters Disrupt ‘Sanctuary City’ Vote in San Francisco

San Francisco Supervisors disruption (Lee Stranahan / Screenshot / YouTube)
Lee Stranahan / Screenshot / YouTube

Protesters disrupted a San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday afternoon that met to discuss expanding the city’s “sanctuary city” policy.

Minutes after the meeting began, two activists stood up and began shouting at San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee as he was speaking. They called for the ouster of San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr, who has been accused of being too lenient on racism within the police force, and tolerant of excessive force against black and Latino residents of the city.

Protesters also disrupted Mayor Lee’s inauguration ceremony earlier this year.

Breitbart News noted at the time:

Video of the inauguration captured by the San Francisco Chronicle shows Lee and Gov. Jerry Brown practically shouting to make their voices heard over the boos of protesters. Ahsha Safai, who is a candidate for the District 11 supervisor’s seat, told the Chronicle “this has been my seventh mayoral inaugural, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

As the exclusive video below from Breitbart News shows, a group of activists at the meeting to support San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy also stood up, in violation of the rules. That group was not removed.

The supervisors left the room during the disruption, but returned after officials cleared the two activists and a third woman.

As Breitbart News’ Michelle Moons reports, the city’s sanctuary city policy was responsible for the presence of an illegal alien last year who shot and killed an innocent woman, Kathryn Steinle, who was sightseeing with her father last July.

Donald Trump took up the cause, and brought to national attention the plight of families of victims of violent crimes by illegal aliens.

Supervisor John Avlos, who introduced the new ordinance, said that he did so as a response to Trump’s rhetoric on immigration during the presidential campaign.

Joel B. Pollak contributed to this report.


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