Sewer Snake Surprises Would-Be Bather

Snake and woman (Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty)
Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty

A San Diego woman saw a common fear come to life on Thursday when she was getting ready to take a bath and a foot-long snake appeared in the drain of her tub.

The young ball python is not native to the area, according to a county Department of Animal Services (DAS) official cited by local 10 News. DAS Officer DJ Gove indicated that the serpent was someone’s pet, and appears to be under three months old.

DAS spokesman Dan DeSousa believes that the snake came through the drain and up into the bathtub. 10 News reported that when a DAS officer arrived on scene, a second apartment resident was standing watch over the serpent, armed with a large stick. The python was captured and determined to be underweight with minor skin problems. He or she (the sex was at least initially unknown) is expected to make a full recovery.

The lost snake is reportedly  recovering at the San Diego Region shelter. That is the same location listed for the shower drain python.

In March, an angry sushi restaurant patron brought and left a 13-foot python in the establishment. The snake owner had brought a smaller serpent in to dine with him earlier in the day, and was jilted after being asked to leave the restaurant. The man was later arrested for making criminal threats. Reports indicate that man had served federal time for illegally selling exotic animals.

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