Four-Foot-Long Snake Fell Onto Arkansas Woman As She Was Driving

An Arkansas couple had an unpleasant surprise Thursday while on a trip to the grocery store. Traveling on Interstate 49, a four-foot-long rat snake fell out of Kelly Swisher’s dashboard and onto her feet, according to a Fox 4 KC report. “As


Sewer Snake Surprises Would-Be Bather

A San Diego woman saw a common fear come to life on Thursday when she was getting ready to take a bath and a foot-long snake appeared in the drain of her tub.

Snake and woman (Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty)

Snakes on a Beach Courtesy of El Niño

Deadly sea snakes showed up this week on a California beach for the first time in over thirty years thanks to warm El Niño waters. Ana Iker was walking down the Silver Strand beach in Oxnard on Thursday with her

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