KKK: ANOTHER S.F. Politician Attacks Breitbart Reporter

San Francisco Supervisor David Campos (Facebook)

Two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors attacked Breitbart reporter Lee Stranahan on Twitter after he was illegally removed from a public meeting on ‘sanctuary city’ policy — and one accused the reporter of belonging to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

In addition, an email from one of the Supervisors reveals the real reason for Stranahan’s removal: to protect the feelings of illegal aliens attending the meeting.

Stranahan was covering the meeting this past Tuesday, May 10, where the Supervisors were discussing an amendment to San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy to allow for greater protection of illegal aliens convicted of felonies.

During a speech by Supervisor John Avalos regarding the amendment, which he sponsored, an organized crowd of pro-amnesty supporters began cheering, breaking the Board’s clear rules against obstruction of the proceedings.

That behavior recurred several times throughout Avalos’ speech. Soon after Stranahan began to film their disruption, one of the group’s members sat down next to him and attempted to block his view. By that point, several members of the group had begun to heckle Stranahan, openly and loudly. Stranahan was subsequently escorted out of the chamber despite having broken none of the Board’s rules, while no members of the disruptive group were removed.

Avalos was contacted by someone asking about the incident. That person passed the entire email response on, which is presented in full below. In it, Avalos makes a stunning admission: Stranahan was removed in order to protect the feelings of illegal aliens in the audience.

It was not my decision. The reporter was video taping people in the audience and they felt intimidated by him doing so. Some of them were undocumented immigrants and they thought he knew that so they believed that he was harassing them. He was removed from the room and most people in the room agreed with this action because his actions got a rise out of the audience and we had to pause the meeting. We didn’t have to do that for the audience members he was videotaping.

He was allowed to reenter the meeting but for his story he did not mention that. It’s more sensational that he was simply shown the door.

Supervisor John Avalos

David Campos, the San Francisco supervisor who is one of the leading proponents of expanding controversial sanctuary city laws, became the second San Francisco politician this week to launch a false attack on Breitbart News lead investigative reporter Lee Stranahan in a series of posts on Twitter.

Campos claimed without evidence that Stranahan was “racist” and a member of the KKK:

Stranahan was allowed back into the meeting after the discussion of the sanctuary city bill had ended.


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