WATCH: College Republicans Lawyer Eviscerates UC Berkeley In Press Conference

Harmeet Dhillon (Twitter)

Harmeet Dhillon, a San Francisco lawyer representing the UCB College Republicans, held a press conference today to discuss the case being brought against the college due to their mishandling of an event hosting conservative speaker Ann Coulter.

Dhillon held a press conference today where she outlined the charges being brought against UC Berkeley, described the issues surrounding free speech and the first amendment that conservative speakers are facing and clarified that although she does not represent Ann Coulter, she is there to defend her right to speak on campus.

Dhillon defended the right of conservative speakers such as former Breitbart Senior Editor MILO to speak on campus and condemned the AntiFa rioters who caused havoc on Berkeley campus when MILO attempted to speak there earlier this year. Dhillon questioned why the Berkeley police department did nothing to stop the riots and stated that she would like to hear the mayor of Berkeley explain why he allowed the riots to take place in his city.

Watch the livestream provided by CBS below,

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